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  1. What kind of deck do we need for the riffle fan?
    Like, will a KINDA poop deck work almost fine? Or is it an absolute necessity to get a fresh deck or almost new one?
  2. It isn't absolutely necessary to have a brand new one, but you do need one that is in pretty good condition.
  3. I find the pressure fan is effective with decks in any condition. The "pressure" action of it compensates for cards that are not in the slickest condition.
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  4. I agree with this, But I think he meant the Riffle Fan by Dimitri, where the back of the cards are ruffled and a fan is formed on your nail with little to no motion.
  5. Oh and @Lord Magic , can I make a suggestion?

    Whenever you make a thread, you give them very generic names. Would you mind specifying what it is actually about in the title? It helps people better understand what the subject is, and also helps people who are searching for the same topic.

    For example, this one could've just been called "Riffle Fan" or "Riffle Fan Deck Question" or something.
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  6. Lol...thnx!
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  7. A pretty new Expert pcc deck is good. I find using any deck is good, as long as it isent a poop deck. If it's too new it can be a problem for some folks though.

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