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  1. Hi

    I just wanted to share with you what happened on Tuesday evening-night:
    As is tradition me and my friends would gather at a house and watch a movie (Batman in this case) ,eat pizza and have fun. So i went to Diamantis' house (as always i had a deck with me) and Diamantis asked me to do a trick ,after i performed Mr.Stickman for him he always asks if i have anything cool to show him,and i casually took out my deck of cards and performed a transpo i came up with . While performing the transpo i noticed that i had 2 5 of hearts in my deck so i decided to do sth really simple [and really clean] to see if it would get a good reaction.

    I would force the 5 of hearts on him,have him replace it in the deck,ribbon spread the deck and ask him to point to any card, which i would put on top and execute a DL to show the dup 5.

    So i casually executed my variation of the covered backslip force and ribbon spread the deck for him to replace the card anywhere . When he did i asked him to close the spread and i took the cards to show how clean everything was and i again ribbon spread the deck for him to point to a card. When he did i moved it towards me and gathered the i was taking the card to place it on top of the deck i noticed that it was the original 5 of hearts!!!! (the trick played really big)

    I have performed the same thing 3 times and every time this "coincidence" occured
    What do you think?

    PS Batman sucked...
  2. Seems like you have a hell of a classic force ;)

    This is nothing really surprising, its all about feel. I know guys who can look at where a card is in the deck, dribble the cards and grab that one card out of the air. Its not magic, its an actual skill. Most likely you always spread the cards the same way with the same timing and that works like a classic force to always put you at the correct card.

    Also oil from your hands can get on a card and make it have a natural break because of the finish. This can also act as a natural classic force.

    Just some thoughts. But hey, little things like this are fun, eh?

  3. Yeah that is true.
    Something that ive noticed is that ive always been able to cut to the jack of spades during a charlier.And during a sequence of flourishes, after im done,it always ends up either at the top or bottom of the deck.Its seldom when this doesnt happen.
  4. first thing that pops into my head: Card Servant. second: What batman? hopefully not The Dark Knight... third: Pretty swee man! you should try to perfect it ;) then you can claim it as: The classic force that fools yourself! :p
  5. xaxa "the classic force that fools yourself" lol (it has actually worked on me) ......
    And yeah the Dark Knight ......
  6. ... *twitch* To each his own... *twitch* (I loved it! it, In my opinion, was a master[piece of film! an Instant classic!Q not the best movie in the world, but definately up there, and definately one of the best to come out in the past couple of years) BUT back on topic....
  7. Seriously,we do not want to start that discussion here..its like a riot waiting to happen..just check out IMDB..
  8. As Cliff (C=B) said, it's all about feel. There's nothing mystical about what happened - you just spread the cards at the same speed and he picked it at the same time.

    As for "always cutting to the Jack of Spades"... that's pure coincidence. The Jack happens to be wherever you're cutting - or it's in the same exact spot every time you Charlier and you cut to that spot. Something like a fake double charlier, if you get my drift.
  9. Are you dumb?

    Are you dumb? Batman was a way good movie!!! You must have horrible taste in movies. Heath Ledger gave the best performance I've ever seen.
  10. How dare you!

    Batman is looking down on you ashamed!
  11. ANYWAYS! away from batman. please take it to PM

    well, look at it this way: you have a 1 in 52 chance of him choosing the 5H. Technically 2 in 53 because you had two fives. so this will happen every now and then.
  12. Haha cool thats a pretty cool coincidence. For some reason whenever i go to classic force a card and I genuinely lose the card, the spectator always manages to pick it still.
  13. Exscuse me??? Which Batman did you watch? Batman, Batman Begins, and the Dark Knight were all brilliant films.
  14. what about this batman. cant beat it.
  15. Yes! Yes! Adam West! Adam West!... Oh Sorry lol.

    I kinda gotta agree with C=B. I remember when I was using a black ghost deck to practice with (I had a few decks at the time.). I didn't take it out of order and I was fanning it a lot. After awhile I got this huge gray spot on the ace because my hands kept wearing the ink down. Left huge gaps when i'd try anything that involved spreading the cards.
  16. WHAT?!?!?????

    Which batman?

    Are you crazy?


    P.S. hahahaha
  18. rotflmfao! That was nice.
  19. Now that could possibly be the best video in the world, if only Robin would put on some pants.
    Holy Sardines Batman!!!!
    That's the stuff I remember, better than this Heath Ledger bullplop :p

    How'd this turn into a Batman discussion??
    Anyway, this most likely sounds like a coincidence, except for the guy who said he keeps charliering to the Jack, it's probably because you always have the Jack on the bottom of the deck when it's in your box.
  20. The Chalier jack conundrum is most likely because that card is more worn than the rest, crimped a little or from a different deck :p

    Look at the side of the deck and you'll probably notice one card darker than the rest - I used that as a 'key card' technique for aaages... I've never tipped it before now either....Ah well, someone else probably published it hundreds of years ago :p


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