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  1. Just curious, what software do you guys use to edit your videos? I feel like it's time I step up and away from Windows Movie Maker
  2. From what I have heard most people use Sony Vegas, but I don't have too much info there. Take a Search around here and see what you find.
  3. Yup, I use vegas, it seems like most windows users use vegas, whereas mac users use final cut pro.
  4. If you are into some hardcore editing, take a look at adobe after effects. Start with vegas though. I have both. Vegas is really easy to learn but AAE is complex as hell
  5. After Effects.
  6. I use a combination of Final Cut Pro, Compressor and After Effects for all my editing. Of course, I also have a degree in media...
  7. For a Mac I would go with Final Cut Pro
    For a PC I would go with Pinnacle or Sony Vegas
  8. Well, if you wanted to get really really advanced on a Mac, go for FCP. But if you just kinda want to have a little more than WMM go with iMovie HD.
  9. I typically use Adobe Premiere. If I'm doing an animation or something similar I'll use After Effects. There is a very steep learning curve for those software packages though. If you're going to do just standard editing of magic videos or something then it shouldn't be too difficult to learn... just don't go crazy and use tons of wild transitions. :)
  10. I use Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD 9.0. It's budget friendly software and gets the job done. Highly recommended.

  11. Sony Vegas 9 Pro.

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