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  1. Today, I got me an Insignia Full HD flash memory video camera. I am looking for a video editing system (one that hopefully isn't too costly) to put on my laptop. I want it to hopefully run smoothly without lag and without freezing up my computer.

    My laptop is an Acer Aspire 5532 with an AMD Athion 64 processor, an ATI Radeon HD3200 graphics card and 3 GB of RAM.

    I know this isn't necessarily magic related but I know there are some guys here with some crazy video editing skills that could hopefully point me in the right direction.

  2. I'm sure a lot of people will say Sony Vegas Pro, but that is extremely costly. I personally use Cyberlink PowerDirector. Although its not the best one out there, I got it cheap compared to the rest and its extremely easy to use.
  3. Get the Adobe package, after effects and premeire are good starting points and if you're a student you can get them pretty resonable.
  4. Sony

    I love Sony Vegas PRO 10, but I know that is very expensive. Search for other alternative...
  5. If you just wanna do Editing, I really recomend you to get Sony Vegas. Download the trial, or buy it. It is really awesome.
    You will need to learn how to work with it. But is quite easy to do basic stuff. I did this whole video using only my Canon 550D and Sony Vegas.

    After Effects it's just usefull if you and to do special effects and crazy animated intros. But that's not really editing, that's making some hard stuff.

    I'm not a computer geek, so I dont know if it will run well on your pc and that stuff. But it worked really well in my crapy laptop. It really dependes on what you want to do. Big Films or Small clips....
  6. Sony Vegas Pro- getting it for Christmas, expensive,but worth it if you have the time and money. Paper Crane Magic company uses it for all of their videos and DVDs

    Pinnacle - This is what I currently have and use. Affordable and gets the job done.

    iMovie on a MacBook pro is phenomenal and very easy to learn. Comes standard on the computer

    Final Cut Pro on a mac is a step up from iMovie if you think you are ready to move forward
  7. Sony Vegas movie Studio: Easy to use, Makes awesome videos, Costs $45.
    Sony Vegas Pro is pretty expensive and you probably don't need to make the next Avatar so I don't think that you really need it to make videos for magic/cardistry.
  8. Thanks guys for the help. I went and bought Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD today!
  9. Awesome. I got Movie Studio HD for Christmas last year and it has served me very well for the price tag it has. Definitely worth the buy. :)
  10. Yep Vegas Movie Studio is probably the best cheap way to go. If you have some more $ Id go with vegas pro. If you really want to get into editing then go with final cut pro for mac or premiere pro for PC. Theres a steep learning curve with the software im using(PPRo and AE) but Vegas is pretty easy to navigate and work with.

    Like I said in another post theres alot of different variables that will affect your choice. Currently Ive got a Canon HV30 with a 35mm DOF adapter and a canon 50 prime with an achromatic lens. Because I do alot of post production I never use the presets that most camcorders come with so I have more room to manipulate the footage in a more complicated editing program. A person who just wants to put clips in the right order might use a simpler software and use in-camera settings, etc.

    As for your specs...GFX card isnt a big deal in editing, you want to have good CPU speed and LOTS of RAM. If you're going to work with uncompressed 1080 HD then you want RAID'd HDDs. If editing is actually a hobby you want four+ cores at 3.0 ghz at least and probably 12 gigs of RAM, but 8 works well.

    I still have to get around to writing a guide, since its break for me I might to it in the next few days.
  11. Did you add those blurs in post production? They look a bit too unnatural and because in some parts only the bottom is heavily blurred and the rest is fine it kinda gave me a headache. I think you couldve tried to get some DOF instead. The colors were great though. Some other parts could have been done better in other programs but since Vegas only allows for linear keyframes im guessing it was the best you could do. Good job overall though.
  12. Hey man, you can try using Final Cut Pro. Not sure of the cost, but I use it to edit projects for my film class. It has everything you need. Effects, Transitions, Color Correcting, Speed, Animation, and it's highly in depth with how much you actually have to do on your own. Not too hard to use either.

    I know this isn't any magic videos but these are some projects I've done. All using Final cut except the magic one.
  13. Final cut pro is mac only and is a few thousand $$$. You can get a final cut studio or express for a few hundred but its still mac only.
  14. Yup. That was done in Post Production. I tried to do it tilt shift like, I it was worthless. But I liked the look of it, so I just kept the blur.
    I'm using this small clips to try this things
  15. Most pro production outfits that I've come across use Adobe Premiere and After Effects. If you get to grips with these applications, then the sky's the limit. The only other piece of software you might conceivably want is something for 3D animation, like 3D Studio Max.
  16. Just a friendly question, but why do people on these communities spend so much money on cameras and editing software. Why not spend it on magic? Do you really need to show people professionally edited HD magic videos? When someone shows me an online video all I care about is the trick and the sleights.

    Just use the video capability on your digital camera and throw in a title with windows movie maker. Done. I understand if you are wanting to get into film as a hobby/major, but for magical purposes, it just seems like a waste of money,
  17. I'm looking for some editing software too. I was going to start another thread but I thought I would use this one. I'm going to buy either Pinnacle Studio HD 14 or Sony Vegas 9, any advice. I'm only going to use it for magic and flourishing.

  18. Some people want to make their videos nicer and so using a random digital camera and WMM wont cut it for them.
  19. Onimushalord, that is a great question. I will try to answer it from my perspective. For me I am willing to spend the money on good software because not only do I use it for magic videos, but videos of my students at school, retirement videos of staff members, my sons wrestling matches, highlight videos, etc.

    I also film other people's material and submit it to companies like Kozmo magic and other clients to see if they are interested in any of the artists material for possible sale purposes. So for me there are tons of uses and applications.
  20. I do it, because I really hate seeing bad produced videos. No Light, no style. Just a plain trick is boring. Really boring, unless you do it for people and get an amazing reaction. But with a nice lighted, good quality, edited video is much more watchable.

    And spending money one magic means buying gimmicks ? You do what ever you want with your money :)
    If people are asking for help editing and making the videos better. It's a bad choice coming here saying that this is a waste of money.

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