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  1. Hi there i completed one of my project and i would like to publish it, but for editing my tutorial and the trailer i dont have a video editor .all the video editors out there gives trail period and when we complete editing there are huge watermarks on the video plus its toooo costly . is there any free video editors (for windows) in which upcoming magicians like me can work on . if there is any pls inform me and pls tell me which video editor you guys use
  2. Windows Movie Maker is perfectly serviceable for simple videos.

    What kind of features are you looking for?
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  3. You can get Adobe Premier or Aftereffects for like $15 a month. They offered monthly licensing services for most of their software.
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  4. I've used a software from NCH called VideoPad. It's not the greatest but it's free, and it's a lot easier to edit video clips and audio than Windows movie maker.
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  5. Are you running Windows or Mac? Just remember: Nobody says it "has" to look like a movie trailer with sweet transitions and effects. Just basic features is all you will need. On a Mac I know most of you will bash me for this, but iMovie or Final Cut works perfectly fine.
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  6. Let's also not confuse VFX with video editing.

    If all you need to do is take some clips and turn them into a perfectly serviceable video, then basic video editing software is all you need.

    VFX are usually done in a separate program, then stuck together with a video editing software. Most of the magic product trailers and such are done that way, for sure.
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  7. If you have a Mac device, iMovie works just fine. I personally use “Hitfilm Express 2017.” It is 100% free and does not leave a watermark. Has more than enough material and tools to use for simple editing. Plus a ton of tutorials for advanced stuff online!
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  8. Thanks a lot guys :):)

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