Video Of Wayne Houchin Being Attacked

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by James Wise Magic, Dec 3, 2012.

  1. As most of us know Wayne Houchin was attacked by being set on fire, we've all seen the pictures but here is the actual video footage of the attack, this video was a news report from Good Morning America:
  2. I don't understand what happened?

    "It looked like he was blessing Wayne with a cologne when static electricity created a spark igniting the cologne..."

    "Maybe the cologne interacted with Wayne's hair product creating combustion."

    These are the first things I thought before I came here to find out the true story. I send my best wishes to Wayne.
  3. We do know more. The other thread got shut down. Google "Wayne Houchin Curiosidades attack magic cafe" and you'll probably be able to find Wayne's statement(s) on the incident.
  4. Yeesh, I hate seeing burn pictures. Probably my worst fear.
  5. Its good that his attack made the national news. I'm not sure how strict or not strict the laws are over in the DR, but hopefully the national limelight will make sure that justice is properly served.

    I think for a lot of us magicians, we understand there is a certain amount of danger depending on the magic we do. But to see this type of injuries not within an accident of a trick, it's pretty shocking to say the least.
  6. This situation I feel may grow from a magician getting set on fire, to something a bit bigger. Not to drag politics in, but politics and justice system.
  7. That is horrific. Wish him luck in his recovery.
  8. Doubtful. Even though it made national news and CNN looks like it may pick up the story, I think it's just a drop in the bucket in comparison to other news. Hopefully the national attention is enough to get some heavy justice leveled on the guy.
  9. I think Wayne is still in D.R., though I know that Aaron Fisher returned to the states. From what I heard is that there is an arrest warrant out for the Host of the TV show. So he will probably end up doing time. How much? Well that will depend on how the legal system in D.R. works.
  10. They just showed the video here in Germany as well! But they said that is was a magic trick gone wrong :mad: .

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