Video Resolution Question (Sony Vegas)

Sep 20, 2008
Hi there!

Im back with another question about sony vegas, or resolution in general.

You see, i've done editting the video and everything- but when i had the video and rendered it- It has a letterbox effect. Through cropping and whatnot, ive managed to get rid of some of the letterbox of the video- only to find that youtube places its own letterbox on the video after its uploaded.

So basically, The video i used had some letterbox on it anyways, So its Letterbox, Plus Vegas' letter box, plust youtube's letterbox. Which is annoying.

Now ive been told its the resolution that i chose for the video that determines that, i was wondering though, after about 10 futile attempts, which one is best for youtube? Just a normal video, and which ones for an HD video? Lastly, any other tips?

Im somewhat new to video editting- and this is probably my main sticking point... Any help is appreciated :)

When you are in the editing process, Click the "Project Video Properties" thing at the top left corner of the preview box. If you want to do HD (can be even if your footage is standard) click the Template drop down box and set it to "HDV 1080-60i (1440x1080, 29.970 fps)" or "HDV 720-30p (1280x720, 29.970 fps)"
If your footage is standard, go to "Video Pan/Crop" and click the "Preset" drop down box and set it to 16:9 Widescreen. This should fix your letterbox issues.

What file type are you rendering in? I'd recommend (if you have a pc) just sicking with "Windows Media Video V11(.wmv)"
Oct 20, 2008
Austin, TX area
When you press on "Make Move" then "Save to Hard Drive", a window appears with a save feature.

One of the options you can check on and off is Stretch video to fill output frame size (do not letterbox

It can also help to right click your source videos, go into the properties, and tell it "force resample". But in general "stretch video to fill output frame" does what I need.
Oct 20, 2008
Austin, TX area
Ack! I didn't realize that YouTube was adding them, too.

I'm going to stand by what I said to keep the letterboxes off of the Vegas output. Force resample and check that "do not letterbox" option.

Here is the YouTube help page, including their preferred resolutions.

As a side note, Vegas Pro will export to HD but not Vegas Movie Studio. (Last I knew, anyway.)

Then YouTube also calls 640x480 "HD". Which in comparison to the classic 320x240 (?) is a higher definition. In comparison.

So to answer your question about which size to upload: Go with the highest quality that works for you. YouTube will create a standard and HD video out of an HD upload.
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