Video Review: ARX playing cards by LUCID 52

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  1. Around 2 years ago, Charles Grass, a magician based in northern Virginia, decided to chase his dream of creating a unique custom deck of playing cards. He turned to his good friend, graphic designer and photographer Vincent Ferraro, for help with the design, and the two got to work.

    After several stages of design, countless sleepless nights of work, and unrelenting effort, the duo are proud to announce the ARX Deck.

    This unique design came about when Vinny stumbled upon a secret method to digital art creation when messing around in Photoshop. His digital art portfolio can be seen here on his Instagram.

    After Charles saw his designs, one in particular stood out, a snowflake in the style of stained glass. The team knew it would be perfect. After various tweaks to the design, the card back was complete.

    For the face design, Charles knew it would be necessary to pay homage to the classical designs, with a bit of modern flair. Vinny designed pips for each suit, and created artistic designs for the court cards that are unique but familiar.

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