Video Review: NOX & LUX playingcards from Metropol

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    The 2017 editions of the Metropol NOX and Metropol LUX decks have been updated with a fresh colour palette and a slick new UV layer on the card backs, giving this set a premium upgrade you can really feel!

    What is UV Ink? You may be asking, what exactly is UV ink, also known as Spot UV printing. This shiny clear layer is added on top of the regular printed layer to give it an extra shine as well as a raised up surface similar to embossing. Spot UV printing will really make the colours on the back of the cards pop.

    Spot UV printing has been used on a number of different tuck cases over the years (including the Metropol LUX decks from 2015), but to my knowledge, it's only been used on the actual cards in a handful of different decks. With that in mind, the Spot UV printing on the 2017 edition's of the Metropol NOX and Metropol LUX decks really make these cards stand out.

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