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  1. What type of magic tricks do you think gain the most views and attention on social media?
    For instance, 20 second long instagram tricks or 3-5 minute street magic?
  2. On social media? Super visual tricks. It is a totally different beast than performing to someone in real life. You need to hit them quickly, and you need to hit them hard. You don't have angles but at the same time, you cannot use misdirection too much. And you can't do too much patter, or else people lose interest and click off. They also have to be super clean, as people will simply replay it over and over again.

    Street magic is more so for the reactions of people.

    Views and attention is kind of a subjunctive thing. Its kind of quantity over quality. You need to pump out a ton to get views, so it ='s kinda weird.
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  3. Working with Rick Lax on the silly mind reading videos we got almost a billion views. For my videos alone I got 200,000,000 or so views.

    Quantity, consistency and engagement all help.

    Also, look into the viral nature of your videos. Calen Morelli for example had the highly controversial video were he tried to sell drugs to a cop. Stephen Brundage got out of a speeding ticket.

    Another thing that helps is thinking about synergy. Where can you pull your views from? Rick Lax had a huge head start. He gained notoriety in the magic community then used that momentum when it came to his Facebook page. Someone like Brian Brushwood is a professional entertainer. He uses his videos to fuel interest in his stage show and uses his stage show to promote his videos. Many of the really successful social media players have businesses that they promote through their videos and that turns in to more sales.
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  4. Virality is based on several factors. For the sake of time I'll list some examples:

    -Know the Algorithm: Depending where you post (Facebook, Youtube, Insta, etc.) You need to understand how the algorithm works. Look up tutorials on algorithms based on the platform you want. In a nutshell the algorithm is what decides what content to boost and suggest to others.

    -Boosted posts: You can actually pay most of these platforms to shout out your videos these days. You will have to spend a ton of money to reach a viral level, but it will help a ton!

    -Call to action: In your video you need to tell people to share it. This is Rick Lax's bread and butter. Notice he literally tells you *sometimes a little too much for my taste) to share the video. You need to find a creative way to do this in your vid. You can ask for shares directly, or add text at the end asking to share.

    -Creative: Get creative. Content that looks different has a tendency to go viral. I did a video one day because i was bored and didn't even think it was that good, but the actual content was creative. It did 50,000 views in 1 week. The best videos are ones that fool the viewer and make them watch over and over again, or have some sort of pop culture draw (ie. performing a trick for Selina Gomez may go viral even if the trick is basic as heck!)

    -Luck: Sometimes you just get lucky. The more you roll the dice, the better your chances of hitting that winning number! So keep doing it!

    -Ask for help: Have your friends (those with a ton of followers are best) help share your video. The more initial views it gets, the happier the algorithm will be. This may help get it going!

    hope any of this helps. Just know that though math and science are involved, it is never a guarantee. Just keep doing what you love and eventually you will notice growth. Here is a screenshot of one of my viral vids. I don't even think that it is the best vid TBH! lol But since Demian Aditya is in it it blew up!

    and ill even upload the video itself so you can see it. Im telling you. It doesn't have to be amazingly well filmed or anything. Just something fun that people will like and it has a chance to blow up!!! Check out work as well! He is blowing up big lately!!! Just have fun and don't stress over it. These vids will go viral naturally! But setting up your videos for success cannot hurt!

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  5. I'm most confused about this one from the batch of clovers. Where/how'd you go about this?
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  6. Sorry friend forgive me if i am not clear. Are you asking specifically about the algorithm? It is not a simple thing to clarify in this post, hence why i suggested looking it up. Maybe this will help?

    These videos are a bit longer and may or may not answer the question of the algorithm in full, but alas... such is online marketing lol. It is going to take a ton of research to fully understand!
  7. Takes a ton of research, and they change it on you without warning regularly.
  8. And on top of that don't tell you it changed or even what changed lol

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