Visiting the US for the first time (west coast). What to see?

Oct 25, 2008

I'm going on a vacation to the west coast in July. This is my first trip to the US and I do feel obliged to check out some places related to magic. I'm going with three non-magician friends, and we're renting a car for the entire stay (16 days). The cities we've (so far) planned to visit are LA, San Diego, Las Vegas and San Fransisco.

Besides the Magic Castle, does anyone here have some magic-related places I have to visit?
magicopolis in santa monica has has a pretty decent magic show,it's geard towards kids a bit, but still pretty entertaining.
In las vegas i'd say penn and teller are a must. Although pretty much any show you see on the strip will be amazing. Also in vegas, make sure to check out Denny and Lee's magic shop. I think it's the only real magic shop in vegas.
I don't have any information about san diego or san fran

Hope this helps!

P.S just in case you don't know, san fransisco is pretty far from the other three, a lot of times people come here not realizing just how big california is.
Sep 20, 2009
You mentioned the castle so i take it you're going there?

Red Spade Theater in San Diego , Jeff Mcbride Wonderground in Vegas..
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