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  1. I'm pretty young, 15, but im really interested in pursuing a career in magic. I thought that before i try to get a job working in a resturant, it would be better to get some experience.
    I talked to the woman who is head of volunteer services at the university hospital earlier today about opportunities to do this, and she basically said that if i worked in a situation where i would be going into patients rooms, there would probably be alot of people who would love me to 'share my talent' with them for a little diversity/something new. All i had to do was talk to the administrators.
    Do you think this is a good idea as something to do for experience in performing? and if so, what do you recommend for types of effects? I'm mainly interested in card magic, and have been practicing/performing for about a year now.
  2. To me that kinda sounds like THIS which is a really good idea, on the other hand volunteering at the hospital sounds like a great idea.

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