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Discussion in 'Battles : Ready to Rumble' started by white_lynx86, Nov 27, 2008.

  1. Sorry magicpros but white_lynx86 owned. I was very impressed and entertained. Good job to you both!

  2. White_lynx86 awesome awesome job.
    Magicpros you definately need to work on that routine but I cant really see anything good in that routine. All you did was put the aces in the center and the came back out as a packet in the center. I was very inentertained the whole time. You need to be much more natural when holding the deck. Besides that to say the most it was ok. Keep working and Imsure in a year if you stick with magic you will be much better:)
    Great Job to both of you.
  3. White Owned.
  4. Why did you have to make a stupid post like that instaed help the other guy out and tel him what he should improve on instead of saying " white owned"
  5. Magicpros, my best advice would be to talk less. You seemed to tell us everything, we could tell what was happening by watching. You don't need to say '...and I swing cut them into the centre' for example, too much detail. And saying that you faro the packets together. I'm not saying to not use patter, just don't tell us what you are doing the whole time.

    Lynx, that was a lovely routine. It flowed nicely and worked well with the music. You also seemed to be really confident. Great job.
  6. Hey I had made a different video with less patter a couple weeks ago and everyone said it was **** so I added more patter and that was the outcome.
  7. It's good that you're taking advice and stuff but in my opinion, that isn't patter. Patter is what you say to make it magical, that was telling us what was going on. That trick would have worked just as well if you'd shown us everything and not said a word. I'm not getting at you or anything, I'm just trying to help a little.
  8. @Randomwrath
    yup, i agree with you.
    actually, i like the classic idea of plunger principle
    and i know a great routine that similiar to what he did
    it is "the computer deck" it can be founded in "complete card master" vol 5 be gerry griffin from magic makers inc.

    acctually, i missed all the great ready breaks...
    i missed at the 1st time, and the 2nd too..

    whew, but i dont like repeating the trick just for trying to get the best one...it just like old tv magic... not fair...
    it just for myself that things happen...everytime, specially when you're not expect it

  9. white lynx great routine, I liked the music but wished for some patter like an intro spoken by you like
    Hi this is a trick that involves ....
    Even a simple line like
    Hello I am White_lynx86
    and then start the music. I just felt it could have been so much more.

    Also I think music is only good when you try to customize it for that routine. Like david copperfields
    Grandpa's Trick routine.


    Practice Practice Practice

    Learned that the hard way just look at my battle involving table work with magicman.
    Go ahead go look I'll wait.

    do you see the difference between nexus and magicman.

    Also if you chose to patter don't spell it out to the specs. They don't care.
    Take your time pattering complete nunsuch, create mystery and a build up.
    You look like you are in middle school still, what I may suggest to you is taking a theatre class it will help with ad-libbing.

    I believe both routines where unique in their own rights and I enjoyed them both.


  10. Sorry Magicpros I just remembered one other little thing that bugged me about your trick. At the start, you have to go through the deck and find the four aces. This slows the whole trick down and quite frankly looks messy. If you know you are going to do a trick with the four aces, have them set up somewhere you can produce them, or even just on top of the deck. It makes the whole trick flow better and speed it up a little. Trust me on this, it'll stop people getting bored before the trick has started.
  11. i speak english bad...lol
  12. I did that for a few people and they thought I had set up the deck since I automatically pulled the four aces off the top of the deck!
  13. Yes but for that trick, it doesn't matter if the deck's set up. Seriously, it looks so much neater.

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