Vote for Smoke & Mirrors and Bee Stinger

Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by glegar, Nov 11, 2009.

  1. gan, please help me to choose one on this card..
    Bee Stinger
    give me your suggestion n dont forget the reason okok.... :D
  2. It’s a personal preference. Everyone likes different cards and has their favorites for their own reasons. It just depends on what characteristics you like in cards. Look at some reviews to help with your decision or try a few decks out and find out which you like before making a big purchase.
  3. thx fo suggestion bro.. hmm BTW for quality what different between Finest Aristocrat n Premium Ariscotrat
  4. Yeah, well, firstly, what Flyspazz said - if you're gonna buy anything in bulk, it's probably best to grab one of each and decide for yourself, since cards are really subjective things.

    However, if you want my personal opinion, Smokes are my deck of choice, and is the deck I use when I perform professionally.
  5. im gonna agree with praetoritevong. smokes are truly beautiful cards, and handle incredibly smooth. i would stay away from mirrors when performing because the black on white can get annoying. ive never tried stingers, but i would like too. but honestly, i dont think anything can be much better than smokes.

  6. The border on Mirrors hardly makes a difference unless your sleights are sloppy. If you have well practiced, clean sleight of hand, the border is just fine.

    Smoke and Mirrors are hands down my favorite cards. They just handle the best of anything I have ever touched or owned (From crappy gas station decks to Jerry's) period.

    You have put me in a dilemma though. When I last ran out of S&M (a terrible time in my life that led me to buy 2 bricks this time before they sold out) I had to find a temporary replacement. That ended up being Stingers. They are on the same stock, so they handle comparably well. They are my 2nd favorite, simply because of their performance. I like the looks of many other cards more, but these just rock.

  7. Smoke & mirrors are my favorite cards. but i recommend buying like a couple bricks because last time they were sold out for the longest time :( I hate that.
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    I couldn't agree more with what Lyle said about the mirror deck, the mirror deck's black borders is not a problem, unless your sleights are sloppy.

    The smoke and mirrors being limited in release, would definately be the deck that i would go for. My preference between the two is the mirror deck, i ordered 10 mirrors and 6 smokes.

    Bee stingers, my thoughts on these cards are not too great, i personally do not recommend them, there are many decks out there that can top them, like split spades (atleast in my opinion) (EDIT): HOWEVER, many of my friends in magic think otherwise, this is just my opinion.

    so all in all, inbetween stingers and smoke & mirrors, i would go with smoke and mirrors.

    hope it helped.
  9. Thx fo da information bro... hmm how different betwen Finest ariscotrat n premium ariscotrat?? hehe
  10. Vote for Smoke Mirrors and Bee Stinger

    I actually bought one, put it on my bow, saw that it worked just like everybody said and then sold it because I couldnt get over the looks. I have since bought the same B-Stinger that I sold back and decided that functionality means more than looks and I couldnt be happier I did.


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