Vote for the best cardistry video of 2009

Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by TheCuso, Dec 29, 2009.

  1. Hey guys,

    2009 is over so we have to choose the cardistry video that represents this awesome year.
    I could have put way a lot more videos on the list but I tried to narrow it down to only a few. I know it is a bit biased but hey, this is my site after all hehe.

    Anyway, here is the poll:

    Enjoy, again,
    -Alejandro Portela
  2. Definately "Sexy Time"
  3. so far it's on the lead ;)
  4. Sexy Time for sure ^^ so much fun thats how cardistry should be :D fun
  5. Just out of curiosity since I'm new to the forums...^^^are you sebastian skowron?
  6. I Voted for Andrei Jikh's, Awesome Quality Filmed and loved the effects and flourishes used.
  7. I voted for Sexy Time but Opera deserves it. :)

    Loads of awesome videos this year, makes me happy.
  8. @amodernmagician : Yes i am ;)
  9. I voted for Opera, hands down. Sexy Time was good, but it had topless, hot European chicks in the beginning which is probably the reason so many people voted for it.

    When I make a cardistry video, it's just going to show meagan fox in a bikini every 5 seconds... then I'll be best cardistry video of 2010.
  10. Oh cool your very good :D
  11. Oh cool your very good :D

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