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  1. Lynx all the way on this one. I felt doom5day's had a lot of unnecessary moves and was kind of unexciting. I also thought there was more originality in your vid Lynx. Very smooth and relaxed. The only thing I can think of to say about critique on yours was that I noticed a super tiny flash(no spectator would notice it). And the cards you were using were not my favorite. You still got my supportive vote though. ;)
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    let me start then...(i really hope my critics and tips can make your sleights better)
    things that I like :
    1. safe sleights that make your handling can be done surrounded by people
    2. the off beat of the Magician seems can't find the card, and Bam... (you get the point)
    3. your spreads and fans are even tho... they look great
    4. i love the deck, coz i love white. ghost is my 1st deck that i fall in love with

    things that I don't like
    1. you are trying to make a plot that looks you miss the card, try to convince it with a simple sleight, and maybe a sloppy one. i don't really like the sybils thing, it's always too much for me to add them into a card trick routine. try a simple control like double under cuts, or maybe a pass will do best. remember, when spectators know that you are great with cards, they'll pay attention to your hands more.
    2. I see that you're having a bit diffulty doing riffle shuffle in the air, coz there's too much squaring actions. try hindu shuffle, and to retain the bottom card or package you can do what they call "milking" (you did that on your very 1st hindu shuffle tho)
    3. the break was big, work on that more
    4. putting the king down, and lift it up again...
    5. can you do how to close a fan one handed?it's neat tho, try it

    1. your camera angel was a bit not fair. coz no one will see from that side of view (unless you're playing tricks with kids). try to lever it up a bit. and if you do so, you'll get lot's advantages, such as more sleights that are invisible like plaming, crist twist or half pass(like i did), and invisible breaks ofcourse.
    2. when revealing the reverse card, try spreading the cards slowly, it builts the efect.
    3. is it speeded up?

    I hope my critics won't insult you, coz I do very very very love magic, and it's sad to see a good efect turns bad because lot's of people didn't pay attention to the details. I'm still learning my self, the hard way if you may say so, coz mostly I learnt them from my own mistakes. so I do hope by sharing things here can make us both a better magicians.

    PS : sorry for bad grammars, I don't speak English too well (n_n)
  3. did I?
    was it the last half pass?
    coz it's a bit funny you know, i never planed to do the extra ending plot, it just crossed my mind when i took the vid. so, i do relize a bit clumsy handling (if i may say so)while turning the deck...

    yup, what i did is i use the diagonal palm shift get ready, but revese the card and place it to the bottom (just like ordinary crist twist-half pass)
    i don't know if anyone ever use it before, but i never see anyone did it before. so yes, you may say it is my original handling.

    the cards
    yup, i don't like black deck too much too, i just got the magic makers inc's new custom deck, "black scorpion deck" and i just thought "hey, why don't i give it a try on cam?" and the result..."yucks", lol
    maybe good for flourishes, but definetly not for card tricks
  4. I think it was around 1:04 or something. But the other half passes were completely invisible.

    As far as I know I think it's original but I just liked the overall creativity of the routine. With the add on and such.

    Yeah I think it's the yellow. No worries though.
  5. ahhh yes
    i just noticed the tiny yellow index flashed...
    hoho, great seight, lol
  6. any more comments?
  7. @Doomsday

    What music is that?


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