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Discussion in 'Battles : Ready to Rumble' started by Dark Witness, May 22, 2010.

  1. J+S got my vote, and here's why. His performance was smooth and natural, with a simple video. Yours had annoying music (in my opinion) about bars and drinking and being paralyzed which detracted from the effect, as well as very unnatural moves. You also trademarked the title. This begs "Why?". Also, no one cares if a DL was used or not. A DL is great if it adds to the effect. It would've been 10x as natural if you'd used a solid DL.

  2. Dark Witness - I'm sorry mate but you do need a lot more practice executing your sleights. First thing you should do is get used to holding a deck of cards in your hand - and holding it correctly. Learn the mechanics grip properly, and get used to the feeling - it will help you avoid fumbling. Your sleights in general just need to be smoother, and need to happen without any delay or fumbling.
  3. I know but it was a worn out deck Which was the only thing I could find on short notice.
  4. Your sloppiness cannot be blamed on a worn deck.
    And I saw no reason to put "No DLs were used" on you video.
    J+S easily got my vote.
  5. No, you've missed the point. I could tell that it was a worn deck.

    But you're actually holding the deck wrong, for starters - the quality of the deck has nothing to do with your familiarity with cards.
  6. yea no affence dark but you posted a thread saying "how to figure out theory11 tricks, watch little kids on youtube" firstly that thread was STUPID! and secondly you are no better. Sorry but you need a lot more work dont mean to be rude.
    How long have you been doing magic? 'Get Royal road to card magic'
  7. But guys! Did you see his E-MAZING card change?

    Yeah, I don't know how that's still up either.

    EDIT: Whoops! Now it's gone! He deleted it because it was the most blatant use of video editing I have /ever/ seen.
  8. I love the close-up pad haha.

    Again, the music is so distracting... Would love to hear patter instead.

    "Note: No Double Lifts were used" That seems pretty true, but did you really have to put it there? It does not help conceal the method at all.
  9. J+S got my vote
    @ DarkWitness
    Yeah, it doesn't look like you're too good with cards, which is probably the reason why you canceled the cardistry battle.
  10. No That was because my camera didn't catch flourishes that well. I was going to perform Downfall By Daniel Madison.
  11. Definatly need to work on your card handling. Also, why did the other guy delete his video?
  12. I'm wondering that as well.

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