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Discussion in 'Battles : Ready to Rumble' started by tally-ho, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. Thnx

    That pass just freaked me out Tally-Ho.

    PS: Criticism and comments is indeed welcom
  2. thanks, nice to know that i didn't completely waste about a year of my life.
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    I really liked Tally Ho's pass better, not sayin that D2's were bad but i liked how TH just got straight to the point and was very clean about it.
  4. Tally-ho got my vote on this one. That pass is just fantastic.
  5. why, thank you very much. comments are greatly appreciated.

    so is criticism, but not as much. jk
  6. I went with Tally-ho's video on this one. It got the job done and got it done well. I did like d showing a couple of different passes which were done pretty well. But Tally's I said "What, REWIND that!"
  7. Tally Ho.... I have not felt like i've seen real magic for a while, You are Freakin Scary With The Pass, you got my vote!
  8. wow, thanks for that. probably the best comment i've received for my pass.
  9. Tally. What pass was that?
    Looked like the move used in that trick...
    in that book by something ernst or soemthign...
    damn name slipped my mind.
  10. well, for me to know what the move is - I believe it's the something something control- I would have to own the book. As for the pass, it is similar to the hermann pass, but I changed it to deal with certain angle issues. If you are familiar with this pass, you'll know what I mean. Also I practiced hardcore for a year.
  11. hm...
    doesnt look like a herman at all
    oh well
    the move i was thinking of is
    by Ernest Earick in By Forces Unseen.
    I dont think he names it
    Its in the trick
  12. i pm'd you with the variation.
  13. sciffydof,
    I believe you are referring to the Bow-to-Stern Control by Ernest Earick.
    As for the battle, tally-ho wins my vote, very nice pass that's a nice idea for a pass.
  14. Tally Hos pass looks like a fake for me lol. It would be so easy to use a duplicate and to sell the slight as a pass. But on the other hand its also possible that tally hos pass is just freaking awesome. Nobody vote here.

  15. I've been practicing the pass hardcore for about a year now, and i practiced never moving my hands up and down to make it look like i've done something. also let me give you a quote
    just to clear that up.
  16. Now I feel confident:rolleyes: With my conclusion I do not want to criticize you. Its more a criticism of the battle system.

  17. what do you mean?

    I don't really care if you think i used a duplicate, because i know i did a pass and if you think that, it just tells me that i did it well.
    EDIT: I do not want this to turn into a giant argument. if you disagree, you disagree and i respect you for standing by what you believe.
  18. Well it is obviously a pass,
    it's not that hard, do a hermann pass as you bring the deck downwards meanwhile pushing the card in, it's not that hard, tally-ho did it well,
    but give it a try and you can see it's obviously a pass.
    tom field
  19. ah well
    great pass nonetheless

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