Voting open for 4 ace battle, opinions welcome!

Discussion in 'Battles : Ready to Rumble' started by twisted jokers, Aug 4, 2010.

  1. The Now:

    You have sound, so why don't you speak?

    You flashed the top ace whilst spreading the deck. Be careful when you're spreading with a break.

    You have a very flourishy way of grabbing the deck when you're palming. Work on your palming motion to make it look more natural. Because you're focussed on the palming, your wrist does a little twirl that signals the sleight.

    twisted jokers:

    Your presentation is getting there, but I think you put the emphasis in the wrong points. For example, I would not mention a break or a crimp because most people will not know what that is - it's just a magician line. But, I would explain the concept of dead cutting, because it pertains to your demonstration. You might also want to explain exactly why you're cutting to 15 cards - not the top - because I had to think about it! Of course it depends on how many players you have, what game you're dealing to, etc.

    Is your presentation factually based? There were a few things you mentioned which I frowned at. I don't know enough about it to say - but if you come across someone who likes blackjack or poker, you'll get called out on it, and it will ruin the trick.

    The last production was a little messy, and because the camera missed it, it was weak. I'd give it a little more time, too. It followed on too closely from the third Ace - although the surprise is needed to make it a good finish, you need time before the surprise.

    One more point on the presentation - I can't tell whether you're normally a quiet person or not, but try to sound interested when you provide your patter. Either you're just a suppressed person by nature (in which case you should consider trying to be more vibrant) or you were apathetic in that video (which is probably more likely). It's difficult in video, but you must sound interested - what you're talking about is interesting! No-one wants to hear a demo from someone who doesn't care about what they are demo-ing.

    Well done both of you, mostly solid technical work. Vote goes to twisted jokers for having a presentation, and doing a decent job of it. Although there are substantially more notes and criticisms, you also gave me a lot more to work with in your performance.
  2. I'll be completely and brutally honest when I say that I did not like either. Everything is extremely obvious. I thought that maybe this is just because I knew what to look for, so I called a laymen friend over who stated the same on both performances.

    @The Now, Your actions are too deliberate. I can see when you just turn over the aces, palm, and plant the cards, you need to distract attention away from the deck especially when palming. Some patter wouldn't hurt either.

    @twisted jokers, Your shuffling of the cards was painfully obvious that you were retaining the top stock. However as you went further (ace productions) it confused my laymen friend. Yours was better, but I honestly didn't enjoy either.

    Just saying.
  3. Hey, its a shame the battles section is gone now. Not even sure how my other battle turned out. I didn't use patter for two reason 1. My family was sleeping
    2. I had just made the trick up, and it was so quick that i felt any patter i could come up with would have just been meaningless noise.
    I did see the flash, but my window of time to submit was rapidly closing. You're right about the palm. I should have gone with a Lateral Palm. That would probably have made the planting better as well.

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