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    J+S: Nice work buddy, I liked it. The criticism would be with your presentation. It often felt a bit rushed, that it was almost relieving when you slowed down a bit. Also, in the middle of a pretty solid premise, random injections of "Snap!" and "Watch!" felt out of place. Be careful of what you say, and be deliberate with it. Don't be afraid to talk slower and take more time with saying things - it doesn't sound as bad as we'd imagine in our heads.

    Robert: I also liked this one. Criticism would be on several fronts. Firstly, the first part of the effect took place entirely off camera. That really put me off. It put me off enough that it took me around 30 seconds to realise that the first minute of the effect was entirely convincers, and nothing really happened! There were some really nice displays during that minute - but far too many man. I also think you should slow down on the face up revelations. Stick the cards out a little more and draw them in and out slower. It's a really nice effect, make the most of the visual, and create some tension. Push it in slowly, wait (deliberately) for a moment, then slowly pull it out.

    I like your effect better than J+S's. However, I don't think that the performance was as tight. J+S needs to work on some small presentation points - watch what you say, and slow down. Robert, in my opinion you need to address firstly the construction of the routine, and again, slow down a bit with the magic.
  2. Hey Prae, thanks for the criticism and I will definetly take it onboard :)

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