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Discussion in 'Battles : Ready to Rumble' started by Eddie, Aug 17, 2008.

  1. Hey guys this is a battle between me and FatalAce on double lifts.

    I would like to know your thoughts and feelings towards both mine and FatalAce's video.

    Hopefully you will enjoy them and please vote for your favorite video!
  2. FatalAce flashed a bit, but overall his was filled with variety, and I just didn't see that in Eddie's. Sorry, but I'm going for FatalAce.
  3. Haha. Thanks for opening up this thread Eddie. I was really impressed by your video. This is gonna be a close battle! =)
  4. Eddies was uncut and unedited which I find much more impressive. Fatal ace could have just done his moves over and over untill he got one he didn't fk up on. Also eddies pirouette with the double was sick, the 'no break' push off was nice aswell.
  5. No need to be sorry. No one will hate you for your opinion.

    Thanks for the comment FatalAce and stickyfinger!
  6. Wow, I honestly don't know who to choose in this one- they were both freakin' awesome! I think I'm going to have to go with Eddie, though. Good job, to both of you, though. You both totally get this:

  7. Yeah, this is tough. Eddie, picking up the doubles wasn't as good and your ginastaire was crap...but I'll be damned, I had no ****ing idea it was a double when you were just messing around with it, spins and such. I think my vote goes to FatalAce though.
  8. Yeah my ginastare is crap. I didn't have enough time to practice it as I wanted to, but added in there because I thought it will kind of boost me up :/
  9. That's not right...
  10. Eh, what's done is done.
  11. Haha. You are right though...
  12. Eddies got my vote, the pirouette won it for him.
  13. Holy (Censor) !

    Both those videos were incredibly well done.
    I didn't see any flashes the first time around and all the spins and pirouettes were freakin fun to watch!
    If anyone knows were they learned some of those, I would like to know cuz they looked awesome!
    My vote's going to Fatal Ace though unfortunately because of the variety and how they were executed so well. But Eddie did a phenominal job aswell.
    Keep up the good work!
  14. i gotta go with fatal ace on this one. pritty much flawless

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