Voting Open for Triumph Effect

Discussion in 'Battles : Ready to Rumble' started by penguincdude, Jan 3, 2010.

  1. Voting is open for a Triumph effect that I'm participating so it'd be nice if you could spare the time to vote here.

  2. both pretty good i went with you penguincdude tho
    one suggestion dont say like im not completlely sure about this ect and you kept repeting things just some suggestions other than that it was great :)
  3. Thanks. I'll keep that in mind. The reason with the I'm not completely sure though was because I really wasn't sure.
  4. I would have to vote Penguindude for the winner.
  5. My vote went to penguincdude, the effect was technically sound ( I have no clue on a method), but you seemed a bit unsure on your presentation. There was a lot of constant spreading of the deck and awkward silences like you didnt know exactly what to do. Just work on presentation more, but the effect itself killed.

    For Ian, the quality wasnt that great ( I know you cant really help that, but it still hurts the effect.) and I was just a bit confused on what you were doing at some points, like the whole rubbing the hand on the deck then pressing down on it. (Patter would help this instead of music.)

    Good job to both participants, keep it up, we all have room for improvement.

    Your boy,
  6. Thanks for the advice. I realized that about my presentation as I was re-watching the video. I think I just feel a bit awkward performing for nobody. I almost feel a bit more like I'm practicing and so my patter and presentation isn't as important.
  7. Penguincdude - aweosme stuff.
    Don't know what you did, but i was great.

    wzenigma - better webcam and a bit of patter would be nice:)
    the music took a lot away from the effect.
  8. Have to say, penguin's Triumph was kicking.

    My webcam works fine. I'm getting a better camera though.

    And the music didn't take away at all.

  9. @Penguincdude An alright performance of Daniel Madison's 'DeckNine'.

    Presentation was boring and repetitive and so was the shuffling.

    @wZEnigma The quality and music really distracted from the effect.

    ...just my thoughts.
  10. penguincdude's was sweet, I'm thinking it might've been an invisible deck lol. Joking aside, I'm pretty sure it was either Kostya Kimlat's Cullingua triumph effect (in that case you got mad culling skills!) or it was this gimmicked deck which I'm pretty sure it was. I don't have the deck, but it looks similar. (in that case, meh.)
    edit: Inferno Kraiser, just saw your post. I guess it's that? I dunno :D

    wZEnigma's I watched about 10 seconds of, sorry to say man the music and the lighting made me turn it off. Mostly the music, though.

    But good job to you both for making a video :D
  11. I know my presentation was boring but thanks anyway. To be honest, I have a hard time with presentation and patter towards a camera. I feel a bit like I'm talking to myself. I'd try to fix this, but honestly it seems like a waste of time to me. I barely ever even perform for a camera anyway.

    As for the shuffling, I was using a tripod and needed to do an in the hands shuff in order for the deck to stay in shot. The only in theheuffle I can perform well is a faro shuffle and I find that too over-used in triumph effects as it can perform some cover of the cards which I didn't need for the effect. Why run when I'm not being chased?

    Thanks for your advice though.

    Also, I've heard that this is Deck Nine although I don't own it myself so I couldn't tell you. I wouldn't be surprised if this had been done before but I thought of this effect independently.
  12. Thanks for your thought of my video. As for that gimmicked deck, I don't own that and have no clue what that is but I suppose it could be that.

    I appreciate the way you worded that post in order to avoid exposure though.

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