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Invisible Palm on the 1 on 1's?

  1. Yes, of course

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  2. Nope

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  3. I already know how to do it

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  1. Is it a great idea to post in the 1 on 1 section this great effect performed amazingly by Wayne in the Control DVD?

    Tell me what you think, i know that by watchin' the video u can figure out how to do the effect, but with some tips from Wayne we can make it more perfect.

    Good Luck:D
  2. I'd love to see it up there, but it's not his effect. It's Paul Harris' and I'm pretty sure they'd need his permission to do it. Being as there's already a DVD on the Art of Astonishment and I remember rumours of more and the whole 3 books being put onto DVD I doubt it'll be in the one-on-one section for a long time if ever.

    - Sean
  3. I'm not sure I would want this up thee. It's too good of an effect to sell for 5 dollars and besides it's not his effect.

  4. i say

    im not really stating anything new by saying its not his effect to teach and they would need permission.
  5. It was also done in a continuation to King's Incognito by Martin A. Nash in his Charming Cheat series... Cant really remember which one. It is a great routine though and well worth a look.
  6. Of course i know that it's not from Wayne
  7. I would like it up there. However, I think it would be way too long to be a 1-on-1. Also, I don't think it will make it because it isn't his effect.

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