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    What are your favourite IMPROMPTU effects for walk around/street use? What effects can be performed with a borrowed deck with very little to no setup and surrounded?
  2. This is probably what the majority of my performances are, so I would need more detail to give you more effective recommendations.

    The Biddle Trick is great; very simple, very flexible in terms of routining, and it's a double-climax effect that seems impossible. Most people haven't seen this trick performed. It's also nice because it starts out rather mundane.

    Mercury is impromptu in the sense that you can get setup while introducing yourself, with an ordinary deck. Also very very effective for getting into a four of a kind routine, such as black hole [or even Chris Kenner's effect in the 1:1 section!].

    Two card monte is alright, but when doing public walkaround I find I need to chose my spectators carefully, and have good control to perform this effectively.

    Look into some impromptu card to pockets, those are great.

    For card walkaround, I would DEFINITELY carry a 2 duplicates of any card, one with a different back. You'll be able to 'the best card trick in the world', card transpositions in the spectator's hands, effortless card to wallets.

    Again, this is material that I work with every week, so ask away!
  3. I agree the Biddle Trick is one of my favorites.

    I don't know if you are familiar with the 2-4-2 Deal. Joshua Jay goes over it in his Talk About Tricks Volume 1 DVD. I think the credits go to Richard Vollmer and also Dave Solomon's(spelling?) Power of Poker. and it should be in the October 2006 Magic Magazine if any of you have that.

    Basically it's a 10 card poker deal with no jonah (spelling again?) card. This effect I love to break out when I'm around a group of people and cards are nearby. Really good for my friends that are into poker or at any party where a drinking game is going on because there is ALWAYS someone that's into poker.
  4. Thanks for the tips MadNuke. Yeah... sorry for not being more specific... I'll change my original post. What I'm looking for is stuff with very little to no setup and can be done surrounded. For example Subway by Dan and Dave Buck or Birds Of a Triumph by Iain Moran. Any more tips would be greatly appreciated.
  5. For a borrowed deck, I usually do a two card selection routine based on the "one the easy way, one the hard way" plot.

    My mother handed me an old deck of tarot cards as a challenge last time I was up there visiting. These things are flippin' HUGE! They do include a "magician" card though, which was great news for my 2 card selection routine. The key is to be flexible and work with what your audience gives you.

    With my own cards, for walkaround, I will do 3 card multiple selection, triumph, one card walkaround routine (yes, that's its name), or a three phase sandwich effect. I prefer to use a table for my version of the biddle trick, but it can be done walkaround as well.
  6. two quick effects for walkaround/strolling gigs

    Hi there,

    Here are a couple of effects that I use in my strolling work which you guys might like to try out.

    They are both very direct and hit hard.

    1/ whispering card

    A very simple one phase whisperer that I like to use in cocktail situations is to take out the queen of hearts calling her the whispering lady and give it to someone to hold.

    I then have a card peeked then control it to the top and glimpse it.

    Then I take the QH from the spectator and introduce the whispering premise.

    I hold the QH a few inches above the deck and gently shake it then bring it up to my ear and firstly reveal the color of their card.

    Then I bring it back down and repeat the shaking of the card and then go back to my ear and reveal the suit.

    I do this one last time and then reveal the value and name their card out loud.

    This creates excellent shade for a nice easy going top change for their peeked/thought of card.

    To cap it off, I say that the whispering lady is also a master of disguise and then turn her over to show that she is now their selection.

    2/ Boxed peek

    Get spectator to take cards out of the box.
    Ask them if they have taken them all out and to give you the cards-they close the box and hold it.

    Do a riffle peek selection and control to top and glimpse.

    Go into mr psychic mode and slowly reveal their card in stages.

    While they react top palm peeked selection and calmly table the deck.

    Take box back from spectator and execute the Marlo /Schulien card from box move.

    Old wine dressed up but boy it plays.


    John :)

    p.s just give pack to someone else to hold if no table is available

    Have fun:)
  7. ecellent effects John, like'em alot.
  8. theres already a topic with this

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