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Walk around kids magic help

Jul 31, 2015
Hello I am looking to get more into walk around magic for kids. Like at school functions, festivals Things like that. I have done a couple and have been a hit and it was fun
This thread is just if anyone can give me advice or tips on the tricks I would like to perform. Any I should take out. Anything I should add. Any specific order to routine

The tricks are:
ODD by Marcus Eddie
Svengali Deck
Color Monte
Crazy mans hand cuffs
Professors nightmare
Color changing knifes
Ring escape (magnetic version)
Sponge bunnies
"Pick a card tricks" like here then there, paperclipped, ACR, card to wallet,

If I was to routine tricks into sets something I might do it

Set 1:
Color Monte
Color changing knifes
(Color/color changing theme)
Set 2:
Ring escape
Sponge bunnies
(Escape/escaping from one hand to re other(spongebunnies) theme

These aren't all the tricks that I would bring to one gig these are just some of the tricks I know and have that would be good for kids and I am the most comfortable with.

If any tips on a way to put any of these into sets I would appreciate it

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