Walking Away

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  1. As if we need another DM wannabe lol.
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    Very smooth! HD works miracles :)

    I liked the lighting and the colours of the video, it was time consuming to produce - but in the end it was all worth it.

    Alot of Sybil variations in there - maybe for the next video you should steer away from those ;) - add a little more variety!

  3. Can I ask a question. What makes someone a DM wannabe?

    Is it how they dress?
    How they look?
    There style?
    Maybe it's how there video is edited?

    And how is my video in anyway relating to Daniel Madison.
    Yes i agree, i did perform some flourishes , inspired by him.
    But i also did some of my own.

    Everyday i strive to create my own unique style and if you could even begin to comprehend what go's on in my mind , it would change how you think and look at magic for the rest of your life.

    I seem to see this more and more on theory11. These immature fan boys that say things because just , everyone else is saying them.

    I spent a very long time on this video , analyzing every little detail , so for you to call me a Daniel Madison wannabe, is just insulting.

    Tyler Babin.
  4. I saw nothing in this video that made me think you're a DM wannabe, I thought it was very nicely filmed and edited and I enjoyed watching it, I think you did a great job.

    The guy who said you're a DM wannabe probably thinks it's the cool thing to say, quite pathetic really, i've seen many DM wannabe's and your definitely not one of them.
  5. Nothing makes you a DM wannabe. I hate when people call others that because really I can call ALMOST EVERYONE on this site dan and dave wannabe's just because they do all of their material. And really there's nothing wrong with that, I do a lot of material from DM too becuase I like his idea's. If anything those are the people who are hypocrites!:p;)

    Ps. I liked the vid. a lot you should try and submit the vid. to the media section. It looks like you have the moves down very smoothly.:D
  6. Nice job. I really liked when you used editing to get the card to spin on your finger...it was pretty sweet. Also as for the DM wannabe comment I also don't think you were trying to be like DM at all.

    P.S. Was that a ONE wristband I saw??? If not my bad it just looked like one (I wear that wristband everyday). If so...YEAH!
  7. i don't see the Dm wannabe neither... well
    5/5 for me.
    whats the cards you show at the end ??
  8. studs at the end.
  9. You remind me of Me, with your flourishing style.
    Needless to say, I liked it :)

  10. That was amazingly smooth!!!

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