Walking Away_2

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Tyler Babin, Mar 21, 2011.

  1. Walking Away_2

    Its been over two years and its finally time for part too. When the idea of walking away came around i wanted to release a video that not only appealed to magicians but could also be appreciated by others. I still don't feel that magic is considered an art form through the general community so this is my addition to help that problem. This is part two. Enjoy.

    Tyler Babin

    Music: Mt Eden(Dubstep Dj)

    Part 3: Comming soon.

  2. That was lethal.
  3. I watched the first one before this one, and it was amazing to see how much improvement there was. Great job on both videos, but part two was really sick.

  4. Exactly my thoughts!

    Sick video and great improvment! keep it up. nice editing man.
  5. This was very nice. I too watched the first one and even though that one was good...this one ROCKED! Very nice indeed.

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