Wand Street Journal - 09/17/2017

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  1. Welcome to this weeks addition of the wand street journal. Your weekly (mostly) unbiased magic newspaper!

    Unfortunately, @101rusty 's WiFi is out today, so I'm filling in. There was a lot of Drama this week.

    Now there has been a TON of Drama this week, and I hate to bring it up. However, I feel it is my duty to bring attention to it. If you want to skip over it, I have separated the Newsletter into 2 parts. The Drama is at the bottom, I've put everything else before it.

    Chris Ramsay released pictures of his new deck. Looks pretty Dope. Check out his Insta, or his YouTube for more Info!

    Actually, this was very important: http://www.magicsam.com/news/363141/MAGIC-DEALER-RAISES-FUNDS-FOR-DISASTER-RELIEF.htm
    This is fantastic. A Magic Dealer is raising money for those affected by Hurricane Harvey & Irma. If you can spare some change, go ahead and donate.

    Also, an ex-firefighter who is now a Magician did some Strolling Magic at a festavil. He has now become a professional, following his passion from 5 years old!

    Cool find: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Dai-Vernons...470959?hash=item440baa10ef:g:0pwAAOSwH2hZtnYW

    ... I might pick this up lol

    Performance of the Week!
    I saw SOOOO many great performances this week. A massive shout out to Sergio Starman for his amazing ring Routine on Fool Us, as well as a shout out to Steven Bridges for his visual Pen Routine on his YouTube Channel! However, there can only be one winner, and this week, it goes to Paul Gertner for his amazing twist on the Cups and Balls on Fool Us!

    This routine was amazing to watch, and the performance was spectacular!

    ...DRAMA (SMH)
    So Jibrizy basically responded "the all haters" as he has said here (no, that's not a typo on my part...). For more info, check out the last few newsletters (Shameless Plug)!

    Basically, He calls out JM, Ramsay, and Shin Lim for tiny reasons. I mean, JM because he filmed it I think, and just said it was a shame. Chris because Chris responded (not in the best manner, but at least he gave him some leeway). Shim for.... no apparent reason?

    Anyways, JM completely owned him with this YouTube comment on the video (Which actually ended up having more likes than the actual video itself! The video also had 10x as many dislikes as likes... just saying). Justin said this:
    "Ahh, what a great guy. So Jijizzy, seems like you have truly let opportunity go to your head. It is sad to see someone like you that had such potential WHEN I WAS MENTORING YOU, or do you not remember all our skype convos? Better than me huh? And yet you perform MY ORIGINAL magic on your social networks, so I and everyone elses material you present, has made you famous. Better than shin and chris? Dude are you [edited for language] on meth??? Oh, sorry I got distracted..I was listening to all the people who just UNSUBSCRIBED! Justin (could not even touch my mind and my path) Miller".
    Maybe he was a bit harsh, but how would you feel if someone randomly called you out for showing evidence of you faking reactions.

    And then Shin Lim responded too, though in a much more comedic manner. This was hilarious to watch (starts at 1:03)

    All of this aside, I hate the fact that this is a thing. Can people just forget about it at this point?
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  2. My wifi is back and will stay on (hopefully) for Saturday so I can do the next one.
    Thank you very much for this, it is very well written and researched.

    I couldn't imagine any one better to fill my shoes and I thank you very much.
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  3. Dudes keep ot up!
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    I've been linking the past ones and forgot to ad them to my last reply...... Wooops
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