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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Ampersan5340, Jul 17, 2008.

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  1. I've wanted to know how much money the government has wasted on pennies and since the government started making pennies they've wasted 1.3 Billion dollars.

    You could've saved all the starving people in Africa if you didn't use pennies and nickels. I had a 12 year old brother in the hospital and he needed a new liver. We couldn't afford the transplant and two weeks later he died. Nickels also cost 7 cents to make so for all those coin magicians I say,

    Up yours

    R.I.P Marc
  2. so we are the ones to blame? last time I checked coin magicians mainly use quarters(sometimes I guess), 1/2 dollars, dollar coins etc.

    Btw, do you have down syndrome?
  3. wow.. thats just really uncalled for. your being completely ridiculous and rude and i hope mods close this. you frequent a magic website and decided to be rude to a specific genre of magicians? why? thats just rude, immature and honestly a bit pathetic. if your going to start quoting pointless fiigures and placing blame on people think about this... in the time you took to type this out, why didn't you go do something constructive like start a charity or do a bakesale to raise money. after all, that is what your concerned with isn't it? stop placing blame and start trying to help. And besides all that. how are Coin magic and coin workers to blame? you make no sense and this is a pointless thread.

    ps. you have my condolensces. this is just a pointless thread and pointless assignment of blame
  4. I lol'd.

  5. Did you check how much it takes to make a dollar bill?... 5 dollar bill... 10...20...50...100? heaven forbid the all wonderful 500 dollar bill

    "During Fiscal Year 2007, it cost approximately 6.2 cents per note to produce 9.1 billion U.S. paper currency notes."


    so we gain.. we'll even round it up to 7 cents... 93 cents every dollar bill (not including all the 5s 10s and 20s they make) times 9.1 billion which is a gain of 846.3 billion cents gained if all of them were dollars which divided by one hundred to make them dollars would bee 8.463 billion dollars gained...

    and that is a lot more than 1.3 billion dollars SINCE they started making them compared to just last years makings... and

    "During FY 2007, 45.47% of the notes printed are $1 notes."

    and that is the majority of the money that is printed and used...
    so what I'm saying is that we are making a lot more money than we are wasting...
  6. Please play nice.. that was mean and uncalled for also...

    P.S. this is my 100th post!!!
  7. Ok.......... So you are saying that because we use 10$ worth of coins on magic, we are to blame for world povery, globalwarming, your brother's death (Im sorry :()? Seriously dude calm down..... no need to have an arguement with us because you have issues with the world(i think).

    Again I'm sorry for your loss.

  8. perhaps your right, that was a bit, severe. i just find the idea of starting a post just to insult a group of magicians rude and pointless. however my post was just as rude. Ampersan5340 i apoligize, i understand why you would be upset after the events you described however i feel attacking your fellow magician's on this site is a poor use of your time and not entirely justified of appropriate. i hope there are no hard feelings. i apoligize again
  9. Hey man, Im terribly sorry for your loss. I have a sick older brother with a terminal disease (Does it count terminal if you wont pass away from it?) but anyway, there is no need for this thread, HOWEVER, I will stop buying expensive coins for your sake. and im sorry to everyone who disagrees with me here, but he has a valid point to make. We have gas prices to think about, supporting the war (If applicable in your area) and other things.

    But who uses nickles and pennys in there magic lol. how much is each playing card?? 16 cents im guessing. each time you tear one up bro, U waste another 16 cents from the government. but come on man. blowing off an entire genre of magic is uncalled for. Lets say (and nobody take this the wrong way) Everybody in this forum was african american. And to make this clear, I want to point out how proud some magicians are with there work. So lets say we were all african american. And you came here and said something like... We are wasting our rice to send it to africa or something. think about what I said
  10. You have my condolensces, but coin magicians are not to blame. In several countries, making the currency costs more than the currency itself. Stuff like that is not our fault. Coin magicians do not make up the government, so we have no say.

    I can understand you are mad, but think about what you are saying. The government is going to keep making pennies and nickels, whether we use them or not. Pennies and Nickles are not reserved for coin magic . If for some reason, no one did coin magic, the government would not stop making more regular pennies or nickles. They would keep on going because they do not have a tab on coin magicians.


    Say you have $110. You are about to buy Digital Dissolve, Panic, and say you are going with Crazy Fast Shipping all the way to DC. This brings your total to roughly $101.

    BUT, say that you are walking across the street one day and you see a five hundred leaf clover on the ground. Right next to it, you see the Digital dissolve gimmick and the Panic gimmicks. You wait for an entire week and they are still lying there. You give them to the police and after two weeks, no one has taken it so you get to keep it.

    Now..what the hell will you do with the money? You just saved $100, so what will you do with the money? You can now buy something else! Its like having $200 to spend now right?

    Wrong...Most people are not even going to THINK about giving it to a charity for helping those who need medical transplants. They might as well and go buy the Extractor.

    If stuff like this happened. Then you could blame magicians. But this is not the case.

    Magicians are not the flaws in our government, you do not need to blame them for wasting money. If anything, the FBI in America wasted billions of dollars last year making a secret headquarters filled with golden toilets. And yet, you berate us. The people who buy $20-$50 worth of magic every four to five months.

    Its tough to deal with losses I understand that, but blaming the wrong people is not the way to take your anger out.
  11. Look bro, I'm sorry that your brother died, but blaming magicians who perform coin magic will not solve anything. Think of all the magicians out there. How many are there? Maybe 10,000. Now out of those, how many perform just cards? Probably most of them, considering most magicians these days are young and will eventually quit magic... and they stick with cards the whole time. So let's say there's 5,000 that branch out of card magic/flourishing. Out of those, how many do stage magic/mentalism specifically? Probably at least 2,000. So that leaves 3,000 that possibly do coin magic. These are just ballpark figures, but they get my point across that magicians... more specifically coin magicians... make up a small amount of the population. Definitely not enough to count.
  12. lol, coin magiciains are not the cause of poverty. Why don't you tell the government to prevent taxes and tariffs instead?
  13. Im sorry your brother died...and to everyone else his brother died!!!! Dont go on saying its are fault? It may not be coin magicians, but let him go easy!
  14. Hey its not my fault that people want to vote for some one like Barrack Obama who wants to dump all the tax money into social programs i.e. 'Welfare,Section 8' for people who don't do anything to deserve it. Instead of social security and disability.So in Hiensight it is not our faults it is the governments fault.

  15. I am sorry for your loss. This is not coin magicians fault and they should not stop using them. This the fault of the American health insurance. We have a really bad health insurance system. Your right it is the governments fault but not that there making money. I also have lost some family members because we couldn't afford something. I don't blame America for paying to much for making money.
  16. Ya, I knew somebody who's brother died as well. Must be tough.

    I never did coin magic in the first place.
  17. yeah, just imagine if we only made 500 dollar bills and stopped wasting billions and billions making coins and bills lower than that. we would be making so much money and could feed the world!

    It costs like 7 cents to make a bill, so we would be getting a profit of what? like 499.93?
  18. Wow..with all the financial injustice in this world..why not blame a magician
  19. What?! Cards are worth WAY more money than pennies! How much money do you think people spend on those??!!!!

  20. There are no hard feelings.

    I can see what you guys mean by me attacking you for using coins and I apoligize.

    You're right, instead of bickering with each other we should band together to form a much more pleasant magic community.

    I'm sorry if I offended anyone who took offence to my rude use of words in my first comment. I just don't think it's far that the government just throws away so much money for no reason.

    If they stopped making these useless coins imagine how much money they could save and use it towards other funds like food for starving children or medical precedures.
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