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  1. Just a common sense heads up. DO NOT light your BBQ with a Pyro Pen. The results are terrifyingly explosive.
    This statement is for people, like myself, who lack common sense and self control.

  2. Did you get it on video?
  3. I love your initial reply .. ahhaha. "Are you ok?" "Did you hurt yourself?" .. Any one of these would have sufficed. But we get "Did you get it on video?":D
  4. No. Thankfully "my stupid" doesn't record. lol
  5. At least I didn't ask for photos of his singed eyebrows. By the way @CWhite, are your ok?
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  6. There are still people with the pyro pen?
  7. Of course, Ellusionist had to sell as many as they could before Rick Haslett found out.
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  8. Impossible! The pyro pen breaks too easily, either that or I just suck at taking care of mine
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  9. I bet that piece of meat thought "Ha! That is karma."
  10. I'm just entirely shook that this happened.
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  11. this is all that matters
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  12. If you didn't get it on video..it never happened.
    Glad to know you're ok.
  13. That may not be off the mark at all. It's probably a lot more dangerous (both physically and spiritually) to eat most of the things that are prepared on a barbecue grill than it is to light one up with a pyro pen. I haven't met @MohanaMisra, but I understand he is from India, where there are more vegetarians than the entire rest of the world combined, so I wouldn't be surprised if he did not believe in or agree with the slaughter and consumption of defenseless animals.
  14. Well, I think the most dangerous thing to eat would be something poisonous. :D

    While I understand your tone of course, I feel the need to mention:-

    I neither believe nor agree with it. It's just sad that I'm addicted to chicken. In fact my mouth's watering just thinking about it.

    Wow. I'm no better than Pavlov's dog, am I?


  15. @MohanaMisra, I apologize for referring to you as "he" when it obviously should have been "she." It's just that it seemed that the photo you formerly had on here did not depict a female, but maybe that was just my own careless observation. And I have seen where members of forums have had a photo of their significant other or other loved one, rather than of themselves. But again, my apologies. I admire anyone who loves magic, regardless of gender. I have enjoyed your posts and prolific contributions to this great Forum. I do not want to belabor the point beyond what I am going to say right now, because this is, after all, a forum for magic, mentalism and cardistry, and I have already gone afield from that as it is. But I would just offer my opinion that if you don't believe in or agree with something, it is not necessarily in your best interests to allow an "addiction" and arguably a harmful one for you (and certainly the chicken) to overcome what you know is right or best. I know that as a vegetarian and "animal-rights" person I am among a tiny minority on this planet, but I feel a duty to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves.

    In any event, although we, as magicians, are not strictly speaking, athletes, I believe that the more healthy and physically fit we are, and the more in harmony with our environment and co-inhabitants of this planet, the better we will be as performers. And IMHO, we will be in a better position to convey a positive image of magic and magicians to those for whom we perform. At age 70, and still a professional magician, audiences express great surprise at my appearance, vibrancy, and energy, and they typically refuse to believe I have even reached age 50. What I have offered is strictly my opinion. Enough said, and I will preach no more...
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  16. For us in Germany, this hits a little close to home, as there's recently been a massive (for German standards) outbreak of Covid-19 in a big meat company.
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  17. I bet Pavlov thought about feeding his dogs every time he heard a bell ring.
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