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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by LeeAsher, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. T11 guys,

    If you want to become better magicians, then you all must study the masters.

    Here's the best way to do that -- watch the magic video blog.

    The more I can expose you to great magic, the chances of helping you improve your own magic will increase.

    See the best of the best... for free!

    Click this link to be taken to the Magic Video Blog.

    Make sure to scroll under each vintage magic video because I work hard to provide a direct link to: 1) an official website 2) wikipedia /magicpedia entry 3) the most information found about the artist.

    The time has come; the next level is waiting for you.

    Are you ready to take that step?


  2. Awsome site ! Just favourited it ! Great videos there .. sweet !
  3. Thank you Lee, I appreciate this, I will take a good look later on after working a full shift at the Victoria Hall!
  4. Glad you guys like....

    Those who don't watch, only miss out! Too bad for them...

  5. thanks lee! It's awesome.
  6. Really great stuff Asher. I gotta thank you for this. The video up for Jerome Murat happens to be one of my favorite videos. I've seen it a while ago, but I still find it amazing everytime I see it.
  7. Well that rather says it all doesn't it. I could be weird and ask if it's hairy, but i'll rest my mind for the moment and remember the good old days.
  8. Man a i hear that thumping thing again....

    Lee, i love the videos. They are great and some of them are very inspiring!
  9. I've been watching them almost every day and I love them. To anyone who hasn't joined, click the link! Even if you can only watch a few out of all of them, you will learn a bunch from them.
    Lee, thanks a lot for these videos.
  10. Man Cardini's performance in black and white and all is just masterful. I was laughing out loud at some of the card productions. I have no idea how he did the whole routine, and it just works perfectly. The timing, everything just works.

    These guys set a really really high bar. Some great videos on this site and I had absolutely no idea that it existed until you posted. Thanks very much. I'll be watching lots. The coin video of Kenner on there makes me want to learn some coin magic. (I suck with metal objects, lol.)
  11. I bookmarked the page. Great site.
  12. That's the weirdest thing I've ever read on this site.
  13. Not true, go look at what I said on latest Dan Sperry video. And try to keep in mind, it's true.
  14. Hey! my posts got erased in this thread. But so were Ashers so its ok.
  15. :eek: It's Happening! Run For Your Lives! I bet it was Doug again, lol.
  16. Yup, it was me. I deleted Infected's post for not being respectful. I then deleted Lee's post because there is no point in having a quoted post in your post that was deleted. I'm tired of the immaturity in some threads. Notice that whenever Lee puts one of these threads up, at least one person benefits. If at least one person benefits, doesn't that make it all worth while? Look at the 2nd and 3rd post. This thread has already served more than its purpose. If you don't like the fact it was posted or have nothing to contribute, don't post. Its not a tough concept. If you do, then your only annoying the other people around you. That is why I deleted your posts. It was not needed. Does it really annoy you guys if its on the General Discussion page? Does it annoy you THAT MUCH? If it does, there is something very magical you can do:

    Don't post and go to another topic.

    See? :) Problem solved! :D Its fun to use your brain.


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