Watch the master debugging the frauds...

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    'Debugging' is what one does to a malfunctioning computer program.

    'Debunking' is what a skeptic does when exposing a charlatan.
  3. IMAO , you are so right ... that's what happen when you work with computer too much
  4. I watched those. I feel a little disappointed with what Derren Brown has come up with recently. This year's stage show, ENIGMA (whilst being completely fantastic) is not actually as good as Evening of Wonders in my opinion. The events went quite well except for that major cock-up at the end but they still weren't anything SPECTACULAR as far as I am concerned, and that is what I have come to expect from Mr Brown.
    Sad times...
  5. ENIGMA was awesome! I think I preferred it too Evening of Wonders, for the sole reason that the ending was just fantastic in every possible way. The Events were also very good, particularly the first one. I haven't watched the Investigations yet so i can't pass comment, but I think Derren still delivers everything I expect of him. Also, in the gaps between his shows, you can always dig up some old videos that you'd forgotten about/hadn't seen and watch them. I have to say though, I would love for him to bring out another series of Mind Control or Tricks of the Mind.
  6. That should be "I think I preferred it to Evening of Wonders..." I knew you'd slip up eventually. Although the ending really makes the ENIGMA show.

    I would also love for him to bring out more Mind Control or Tricks of the Mind, but he seems to be more focussed on INFORMING that ENTERTAINING at the moment, in my opinion.
  7. fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu---------!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Ahem. "Informing than entertaining" :)
  9. Haha! My bad.
  10. I love the work of Derren! Thank you for sharing!
  11. I have to say, it truly upset me when I saw "The Men With X-Ray Eyes." It's so sad to see people taking advantage of others like this. On the other hand, another very entertaining documentary from Derren Brown.
  12. Is it really taking advantage of someone if the people teaching it believe in it?
  13. I thought about that too ... and i would say yes, you may believe in something but you don't have any proof that it actually works ...
  14. But they think they do have proof. They believe they've created results.
  15. The men with the "x-ray vision" created some fake results to gain publicity and $-$ ... and used some kind a trick to make someone blindfolded play pool, that was obvious ...

    When it comes to the guy who can "talk to the dead" .... he may think that he can really communicate with dead people ... lots of people do. But there was also some obvious clues that he made research or spotted minor details on his client beforehand ...
  16. Wont let me watch them due to copyright :(
  17. Neither. They'll be on 4OD most probably though.
  18. Lets be honest with ourselves here. He told a kid with Cerebral Palsy that in 9 years he would walk again. He knew damn well that kid was never going to walk. Very cruel.
  19. Just because we think it's bull, doesn't mean they don't believe it. Belief is a funny thing. Lots of people out there believe things that are blatantly disproved by science.
  20. I watched the first two. Very interesting. With the first one, there was at least that first reading that was eerily accurate, that seemed to be a shred of evidence(?) (for most of the show). The second one, the guy was just totally off his rocker.

    And he raises an interesting question about the value of needing to believe, versus the damage it does. I see it a bit more black and white than that, but I'm sure that's just my biases showing through.

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