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  1. how long does it take to make it? Once its made can u hand it for examination? And if the spec crumples it, will that ruin the whole effect? and once u buy the 1on1, do u need to buy any extra stuff. Plus how long will it last when its made?
  2. Well, first off, it will take MAYBE 10 minutes to make one, but most of that time is just waiting.

    Absolutly, you can hand it out for examination after you are done with making it, or performing it.

    If the spectator crumples it, it shouldn't affect it other than asthetically. It MIGHT have a small effect if it is SUPER wet, but other than that, nope. Plus, you can give it to them as a suiveneer.

    When you buy the 1on1, there is only one object you need to buy. Now, personally, I didn't know this object existed before I bought this 1on1, but it is useful for SO many things that I didn't know about. Plus, it is cheap.

    As for how long it will last, if you mean performance wise, if you don't give it away afterwards, then probably... 10 or so. Maybe more performances. Probably more. But I tend to give it away when I am done with it.

    Hope that helps! Any other questions feel free to PM me!
  3. ive done this where i drop the paper in a cup of water then take it out and it still works.
    you do have to buy something else.
    if your carefull you can reuse the gimmick many times.
    and depending on what the gimmick is made of. cause the gimmick gets wet (duh) so the integrety of the tissue or w/e may wear down. but its a good effect, tho i have only used it a few times, it gives great reactions, and it is quite easy to do! and you can carry it in your pocket or wallet.
    very practical also.

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