Wayne = Cruel? An incredibly random question.

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Brewery Rabbit, Sep 1, 2007.

  1. It was cruel and unusual punishment for you to use a black ghost in your preview.

    At least i was pretty sure that was you.

    ANyway. Still!!!!!

    Ok now on to a real topic.


    Alrighty T11ers!
    Its time for Jordans random question of the day!

    How many times do you guys think you shuffle a deck of cards just out of habbit during a show?

    1. 2-5 times
    2. 3-10 times
    3. 10-15 times
    4. 15-30 times
    5. 30+
  2. Whenever necessary.

  3. I have never actualy counted how many times I have shuffled a deck of cards. But I can say with confidence that I easily shuffle a deck of cards 30+ a day, it's like an addicition.
  4. Umm they where the new Guardian Backs dude...so chill.

    Hmm I shuffle about 3 times during a performance because I usually I shuffle while I think of the next trick I'm going to do.
    lol XD

    I don't do shows so...yeah thats why so little. Anytime I perform for someone it's usually just about 15 minutes. Then I move on.
  5. I don't actually keep track of how many times I shuffle my cards but when Im doing XCM routines I shuffle a lot to get newer cards on top which aren't as sweaty and such. And @ndE is right he had a deck of Guardians in his hand not BG's/

  6. during a show???


    everything else i let the spectator shuffle the cards, hold them, do whatever

    (because we'll just do some move with them anyway ;) )
  7. Ii dunno i usually practice different thongs with my cards when im on the computor but ive never really thought of how much i shuffle
  8. Took the words right out of my fingers of typing.
  9. O jeeps, I probably sound like an idiot :p, I thought he mean't during a day, but during a performance I probably only shuffle maybe 3 or 4 times.

    My bad.
  10. I shuffle about 3 to 4 times during my performance:p

    Throughout the day i probably shuffle 30+ at least. :D

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  11. 30+ is a massive understatement, i always my have my cards on me, id say 50-100 times to the least. lmao

  12. Easily 100+ a day ... As far as in performance ? I couldn't tell you ... I will count next time though ..:D
  13. Close to a bajillion. I like showy shuffles :p
  14. I practice shuffling in a thong too Mike! I would say I shuffle about 3 or 4 times during a performance, but I have no clue how many times for sure. I just make sure to shuffle one-handed, so that I can pre-empt a spectator to not ask any "do you play poker questions?"
  15. I dont shuffle much, but I cut the deck alot, it's just a habit I've built up...
  16. Actually I think those were the new Guardians...
  17. #2 man..hehe..yeah wayne...when i saw that i felt like..."man am i poor...black ghost...so near (because its front of me on my pc just looking at its pictures) and yet so far away (yeah like im gonna get one lol)"
  18. I made up a really cool riffle shuffle where you cross your hands and turn them upside down, and when you finish the shuffle, then you turn them around again and yeah....I do that 20 + times a day.
  19. about 10 times during a show
  20. fun thread.

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