Wayne Houchin :: 2010 International Tour

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by waynehouchin, Jul 6, 2010.

  1. Hey guys!

    Next week I begin my 2010 international tour. I just posted the details on my site: http://www.waynehouchin.com/live/

    I begin in Israel, drive across the US, head up to Canada for Sorcerer's Safari, and eventually end up in the Dominican Republic.

    Who's coming?

  2. See you in Jacksonville!
  3. Awesome. Can't wait!
  4. are you coming to Mexico someday?
  5. Or maybe coming down south, like Chile?
  6. Hello Luis,

    Yes. I am in the process of booking a convention there next year. Stay tuned to my site for all the details: http://www.waynehouchin.com
  7. Ok...I`ll met you there...I suppose you will send the info when is ready in the newsletter..thanks!
  8. Wayne, will you ever come to South Carolina for a lecture?

  9. What about Russia? Are there gonna be any events you will be part of?
  10. Wayne...check your PM's when you have time. Thanks.
  11. If you can have a lecture @ DeSouza's place that would be great. Plus that would be the closest place for me... I live in DE
  12. See you at the Portland Magic Jam! If any one is interested in the convention there is some info on it here-

  13. I hope you can come to Dallas, Texas sometime wayne!:)
  14. dang!! i was hoping to catch you in Arizona but your not coming :( i will just have to keep waiting i guess.
  15. Hey just make the drive to Irving! I'd say it's worth it. See you in Irving Wayne!
  16. See you in Jacksonville hopefully! :)
  17. I'll see you in Madison AL!

    I can't wait!
  18. I'd love to see you in Denmark! One, can only hope. In any case, have a great tour! :)
  19. Hopefully see you in Nashville
  20. See ya in New Mexico soon!!

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