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  1. Hello Theory11 & Happy New Year!

    Are you on the East Coast? I am bringing my performance / lecture your way starting this week:

    January 13th
    Waynesboro, VA

    January 14th
    Rosedale, MD

    January 15th
    Richmond, VA

    January 18th
    King of Prussia, PA

    January 19th
    New York, NY

    Full Lecture Info - http://www.waynehouchin.com/live
    Facebook Event - http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=175542685818676
    Check out my new demo reel "Magic Man" - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xMmizIJST-M

    I'll post my official lecture info below. Let me know if you have any questions - I hope to see you there!

    Wayne Houchin
  2. Here's the official info. Enjoy!

    Who Is Wayne Houchin?
    • He created the international best-selling trick The Signed Coin In Soda Can
    • He worked with Criss Angel on the hit TV show Mindfreak
    • He started the popular website Theory11 along with Chris Kenner, Jonathan Bayme Lee Asher, and Aaron Fisher.
    • He is one of the featured performers and teachers on Paul Harris's True Astonishments box set.
    • He is a frequent headliner at the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood.
    • His releases to the magic community include: THREAD, Ultragaff, Control, Stigmata, Indecent, Sinful (The Signed Coin In Soda Can) and many more.
    • He recently made history in the Dominican Republic by stopping time for the entire nation - on LIVE national TV.

    What Is The Lecture About?
    Magic & The Art of Success is a 2.5 hour event during which Wayne Houchin performs and shares a handful of his favorite pieces of magic, including magic that you will only see during his live show.

    A wide variety of material will be discussed including mentalism, geek magic, sleight-of-hand and impromptu miracles - and will feature both close up and stand up magic. Wayne will cover magic using sewing thread, coins, matches, soda cans, body parts, cards and more.

    Character development, goal setting, and The Art of Success including Why Magicians Fail will also be discussed.

    What Do Others Say About Wayne's Lecture?
    Wayne Houchin's lecture depressed me. He's just a kid--half my age--and he's EXTREMELY talented. Aside from the insights into both conceiving and implementing great effects, Wayne knows as well what it takes to perform them. It is no wonder he has such a vast and devoted following (he PACKED Midwest Magic's lecture room--and many were faces I had never seen before.) I would most highly recommend Wayne's lecture to any group that appreciates talent and the rare combination of both ingenious creator and exceptional performer. It is not to be missed.
    Tim Felix
    Midwest Magic

    Wayne Houchin is one of the hottest magicians on the planet!
    Genii Magazine

    Thank you for your professionalism, creativity and showmanship. We had such a spectacular time chock-full-of great laughs and a lot of fun! It truly would not have been such a success without your contribution.
    Dahlia Pelled
    President, Israeli Society of Magicians
    Tel Aviv, Israel

    I highly recommend Wayne Houchin's magic lecture. It was very well structured, entertaining and fun, plus he is a nice guy! Wayne is very creative and is welcome back here anytime. We had the largest turn out in over two years. Wow!
    Steve Lancaster
    Top Hat Magic
  3. Love the new video Wayne
  4. I am living in Philly. Probably can go there
  5. when you lecture in indonesia??
  6. I will be attending the Tannens date if im not forced to work.

    It would be my first lecture. How many card effects are you planning to go over? I look foward to attending you lecture, hopefully.

    Kind Regards,

  7. Hello Mike!

    There is really only one (sometimes two) card effects taught in the lecture. I offer a lot of variety. Hope to see you there!

  8. That is great. I got into cards too much. Like to see something other than that.

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    Great video! I wish I could come for the lecture, I heard many good things about it. Mayby one day you could release dvd of your lecture Wayne? Best wishes for the tour!
  10. for once in yoour life do a lecture in india
  11. Do a lecture in Lithuania :)
  12. see you in New york Wayne :D
  13. Sadly I won't be in the States this spring so I'm holding my breath for that possible European tour I believe you've mentioned you might do in the future.

    Great video! Now release one of your shows on a performance DVD, we get that way too seldom in magic. ;)
  14. If you can, go see his lecture! It's really good.

    Also I really like the video. :)
  15. I went to one of his lectures last year. It was a great learning experience and overall everyone had a great time. If you live in the area of one of his tour spots I highly recommend you check it out.

    Wayne, any chance of your tour coming to or around the El Paso TX area?
  16. Most likely if you want Wayne in your area start a group of magicians to pay the expense, or find a magic shop and request him.

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