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  1. Hey guys,

    So i have some money and i was thinking about buying Wayne Houchins Sinful: A graphic novel. Now, there are two versions, the regular paperback and the Limited Black Edition (Hardback)

    I really want this book. I was also going to get Art of Magic. Then as i look at wayne's website, he has Thread and Paper Engine by Aaron Fisher.

    Should I get Sinful (paperback), Art of Magic, Thread and Paper Engine? Or skip thread and paper engine for the limited edition Sinful?

    Also, both Sinful's have the same information, its just the Black Edition is limited, black, and there are only 100 of them made.

    Thanks Guys... Or girls,

  2. Screw sinful book, you don't need it. Thread can wait. I say Art of Magic. It's good.
  3. Get The Art of Magic.

    It's so freaking good.

    Jay Sankey's Carbon Paper is in here which I love using. It's so powerful. It's one of those tricks you can perform with a language barrier.

    I do Twisting the Aces all the time now and it's because of this DVD.

    French Kiss is practical and fun. A great way to do a 2 card transposition.

    WH Ring is a worker

    And Match Bite is a bit of fun geek+magic trick

    You get a ton of mileage out of this DVD. Get it!
  4. i have paper engine and art of magic and they are both great. art of magic comes with i think 5 tricks or so and sinful is only one trick. plus art of magic has a bunch of other stuff like interviews with dan and dave. and paper engine i feel is a must have
  5. Ok, thanks guys! Umm, but really quick i think you guys misunderstood me. I have enough money to but Sinful: Black Edition and Art of Magic. Or buy Sinful:(paperback edition), Thread, Paper Engine, and Art of magic. I was just wondering if buying the Black Edition is worth not getting Thread and Paper Engine.
  6. Well, ultimately, it's your choice. If the collector's edition appeals to you, then get it. There will always be people on either side of the argument who claim that special editions are or aren't worth it.

    To put it another way, I have a scarf that often is worth more than everything else I am wearing put together. It was a bloody expensive scarf. But it is my favourite scarf, and I got more than my money's worth out of it, so to me, that was more than worth it - but I certainly wouldn't criticise someone for fainting when told how much I paid for a scarf.

    For my personal opinion on those products though, I would rate Paper Engine as the best of those four products. But, having said that - it is not limited in availability, and more than likely will be available for purchase some time into the future.
  7. I spoke to Wayne at a lecture two days ago and there are only a vveerrryyy few of the limited edition graphic novels left. However, I really don't feel that that is worth the 75 dollars even though I am a HUGE fan. If I had the extra cash lying around I might do it. BUT, I think you would be better off getting the regular edition and the other items.
  8. Yeah thats what i thought. I really like Wayne and his work. But getting the regular edition is probably the way i am going to go.

    Thanks guys.
  9. Art of Magic is your best bet, and if you want to take your card magic into the next level of awesomeness pick up The Paper Engine, study the book until you rape it. :p
  10. ummmm.... OK!
  11. Heh. I got the black edition of Sinful as a gift. And due to the misprinting issue, Wayne sent me a trade paperback copy as well. :) (Both signed)

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