Wayne Houchin Shipping?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Cardz9863, Nov 21, 2008.

  1. Does anybody know about Wayne Houchin's shipping?
    I ordered and it says that it's only 5 dollars and that it ships world-wide.
    Does anyone know how long this shipping will take? I ordered from Canada if it helps, thanks!
  2. Hey.

    Our goal at with shipping at WayneHouchin.com was to make it as simple, as convenient, and as affordable as possible. You can find out more info about the shipping HERE.

    And remember, orders placed this evening won't actually ship out until next week (due to the weekend). Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks and word to your mother.

  3. yeah Dana what if we want to get the package for one day shipping can that be arrange?

    PS: how can i be as awesome as you ?
  4. Cool!
    Haven't seen Dana post anywhere at all on the forums for awhile now.
    How you been Dana?
    P.S. It'd be pretty funny if both Wayne and Dana replied in this thread.
  5. Oh and also how is it that you guys can manage to ship to anywhere in the world for 5 bucks?!?
    That's insane...
    All the usual sites I've used (Not to bash any site) usually have a pretty high shipping rate especially if you want to get it that fast and you live in Canada.
    By the way how'd you know it was my ma who helped me with the purchase??? :eek: Jokes.
  6. Hey.

    To answer your questions:

    1) We will be adding faster shipping options soon, but for right now, I'd recommend getting the download / DVD combo. You'll be able to watch the download as fast as, well, your connection really. It took me less than a half hour to download (I've got a pretty fast connection though).

    2) You can't. It takes years of practice. No it doesn't.

  7. LEaring how to awesome as dana is way cooler than thread.

  8. I got an email (or it was on Wayne's website) about estimated shipping times.

    Am I crazy?


    Edit: I'm not crazy, just blind, Dana posted the link >.<
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    Is it exclusive to Waynehouchin.com?

    sorry if this has been answered beore

    Edit: NVM just checked yesterday's update.

    I might get this for Christmas when I pick up some other stuff.
  10. And how do we know if it was in the first 200?

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