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  1. Hi guys!

    So recently I've been playing with Wayne Houchin's effect, which is about stopping your pulse. I use different method, but the effect is the same. I'd love to hear you opinions on the performance :) (there are also some extra effects)


  2. I like your video.
    When it comes to the pulse stop, I Would build it up more. Essentially, you are dying in their hands. maybe act a little dazed and confused when you wake up, give them the impression like it was a very hard thing to do, I think laughing after the effect is done, takes away from its impact. So yeah that is my only advice, build the effect up more, and really act it out.
    Great Job though!

    +1 for going out and preforming!
  3. Thanks, that's a great advice :) In fact I wanted to do it that way, but I couldn't resist when I saw them all scared ;) But I'll definitely will try to present it that way. Cheers!
  4. I do a pulse stop in my stand up act in combination with Stigmata. It plays very big. I build it up with the idea that you can control the blood to form a shape on your other arm. I call two spectators up, one of them taking my pulse on one arm with the other squeezing my arm for Stigmata.

    Personally I think that the classic method for the pulse stop is much more versatile than Houchin's and much more realistic. I can even do it impromptu just by rolling my sleeve up and using the bunched up sleeve to stop the pulse. Do not take this as me bashing Houchin's work on the pulse stop. I think he did a great job with his version and its definitely an 'out of the box' approach to the effect.
  5. I never thought of combining it with Stigmata. Does it work well in the stand up? I always thought about it rather as a close up trick (but I love it as well).

    And I agree with you about Wayne. He's very talented and has a lot of original material (example of which is Control), but the traditional method seems to be more practical even with regards to angles. His method was great because it also fooled magicians, but I think no longer. Luke Jermy has also a cool, completely different method of doing that :)

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