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Ways to show both hands empty while they cointain a coin

Nov 13, 2009
Hey Guy's,

What I want to discuss is something I have found to be a very helpful in coin magic and it is being able to show both your hands empty well containing a coin. I want to learn new methods of doing this and perhaps ways to improve old methods.

Okay so here are a couple ways I will be very interested in hearing more from you guys on this so here are the ways I know,

Michial Ammar's Wiped Clean. This is a stunning way to show both hand empty in the action of rubing them. Very nice, angle proof, and probably one of the best metohds.

Thumb grip basically this is a very angle sensitve way to show your palm while containing a coin usually use in productions. Not that great in my opinion.

Homer Liwags rub away vanish is super slick relitivly good on angles and looks so smoothe.

Dragon grip not sure on the name of this one but that is what I have heard it called this is the only way I know of showing your hand empety using only one hand. I have seen Homer Liwag use it, I have seen Nathan Kranzo use it, I have seen Will Houston use it and many others. Its a really good utilty move.

The problem is your hand look a little awkward as it conceals the coin and is a little angly not as angly the thumb grip but still rather difficult. What I want to know is what is a good way to show my hand empty while containg and coin with only one hand for my ending of 3 fly. I have seen some magicians just finger palm the coin in a tossing motion but this doesn't look all that convincing and seems obvios. Guys do you know of any teaching that would show me a better move for showing your hand empty?

There is also a application of the muscle pass to show your hand empty.

Okay so those are the main one I know. What ones do you guy's know? Michial Ammar says that if you can show your hands empty even once while containing a coin you have strengthened your entire routine. So what do you guys think?


Oct 29, 2009
Just around
Haha, sweet! I have the same question, so this should be helpful. By the way, where can Ammar's Wiped Clean be taught? Is there a video of a performance of it?
Also, a great way to show your hand empty is to learn the Harda Hold. Amazing looking.
EDIT: Apollo Robbins has a handwashing sequence in one of the Cultural Xchange DVDs too. I here it's quite hard, but looks impossible to hide a coin in the motions.
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Sep 24, 2007
I'm guessing the "Dragon grip" you're referring to is the Jimmy Wilson (JW) grip. On the back of your hand? Great, but hard to recover. For your three fly, you could just sleeve it- not too difficult, and hard to beat as far as cleanliness goes.
Dec 23, 2007
Fredonia, NY
apollo has a few moves in his dvd's about that. he has i believe 2 sequences to show both hands empty front and back and then a modified and open palm to show both sides of the hand as empty then produce a coin. its how i start my 1 coin routine. he does it in his promo vid. check it out
Sep 1, 2007
Edmonton, Canada
David Stone's one is actually Michael Ammar's hand wash sequence

That's the one I use. It looks the most natural. If I have one coin and I want to hide the other one Like in coin bite or c/s I use Greg wilsons variation of the sylvester pitch you can find on his on the spot DVD. He uses it in his 99 cent trick or toll free.

I rememered I found this a while back I think this is it

this is david stones he does it 1:10 into the routine

I also remember jay sankey doing somthing in his first revolutionary coin magic DVD where he stretches out his fingers as an opener then produces a coin the first trick on the DVD uses a black art principle to make your hands seem empty and you can produce like 5 or 6 coins from each hand.
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Jul 19, 2009
Just like chicken mentioned, I think the Dragon Grip you're talking about is the J.W grip (the most popular name, though it has plenty more).

For your three fly I would strongly suggest that you make any form of vanish, and then use the J.W grip to display that your hand is empty. You can even use the J.W grip as the vanish, just make sure that you don't stay in it for long, just like Homer Liwag stresses, the strength of it is it's clean display, which shouldn't be abused. Just use it as a small rather quick clean display.

From that point, your hand is empty, and you can go to fingerpalm and you're done.

Alternatively you can go to J.W grip and then into Edge Grip, and then transfer the 3 coins to your Edge Gripping hand, and all of a sudden you've ended with 3 coins in an extremely clean display.

If you want further help on how to go from J.W Grip into Edge Grip shoot me a PM mate.
Nov 13, 2009
Hey Guy's,

Thanks so much for the help! I have not seen any of Appollo Robinson's work on coins I will definatly look into it.

Another way to show your hand empty which I had forgotten is back palming a coin. This is a pretty out of date move and I am not sure it is used any more but just thought I would mention it. ( I have practiced this move some and it is much eiser with silver dollars then with half dollars) Do any of you use the back palm?

Thanks all for the great tips and advice.

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