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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Casey Rudd, Feb 3, 2010.

  1. Hello everyone at theory11, this may have been addressed before, but I feel as if it must be spoken about.

    We all know that books are an IMPORTANT part to any magician's knowledge. It expands our minds and makes us more educated within the art. I have one question, and this is that question....

    Theory11, why don't you guys sell books?

    I know right now at the time, selling books may be hard for you guys. But in the larger scheme of things, books are just as important as playing cards and DVDs, and 1-on-1s.

    If you guys could start selling books it would gain a larger base and reach out to other groups of people, even though this community is so diverse in many, many ways.

    So what do you guys think? Should theory11 start selling books on the site?

    And for the people at theory11, do you guys think that you could start selling books anytime soon?

    Leave your responses below, I would love to hear what you guys think on the topic!

    Cheers everyone,

    Casey Rudd
  2. Theory11 is more about making there own products and selling them. I guess when/if a artist here wrties a book it would be sold here. I predict with the totally out of control dvd comes out the book will be sold here though.

    On a side note- the whole "i like books more then dvds" is becoming like the "magic is an art" thing, people keep saying it but not really saying it with meaning, more saying because it sounds correct.
  3. Exactly how I would've said it

    If you want a book you can go to MJM or the dreaded Penguin.
  4. But doesn't Chris Kenner have a book? He's a T11 artist...
  5. But it is already released, Do you want W:H's Stigmata to be re-released here, or Danny Garcia's Fraudd to be re released here? no!
  6. It's both faster and easier to produce dvd's and downloads. Writing a book takes a lot of time, effort, and someone with a certain writing ability. It has to be technical enough to get it's point across, and casual enough that you don't get bored reading it.

    The few authors who have multiple books in the magic world are in a league of their own. The only downside to DVD's I know of, and it's the only argument against them, is that they produce more imitators which diminishes creativity. If you're already creative then learning from a DVD won't hurt you any.

    People also argue lack of content in one trick dvd's, but that could be a blessing. If you buy a book and learn 5 tricks from it, and practice them all together you might not spend enough time on any one trick to master it. If you only have one trick to concentrate on then you'll either perform it to soon (which is your own damn fault) or you'll practice that one trick until it's performance ready.

    With the number of websites that sell magic books already I don't see any benefit from T11 supplying the same books, if they want to do one then they will--if they don't want to publish then they won't.
  7. I personally prefer books to DVD's...Just look at erdnases expert at the card table. The bible edition sells for 15$!!! Theres so much info jammed into that book that they can't put it in a single DVD and it still sells for 15$. Magicmakers had an expert dvd and its a 7 disc set. Books have more material and I enjoy them because some gems in the books don't get published into DVD's so people pass over them. Take the Macmillan switch for example. It was published a while ago and almost everyone overlooked it. Now England comes along and practices and perfects it and puts it in a download and all of a sudden it's the biggest gambling muck ever...IMO I could not agree with you more Casey.
  8. :confused:
    There are books out there and I'm sure no one here has read every magic book there is to say we need new ones. There's so much material out there already! You can shop on different magic sites opposed to only buying from here for books. Actually I'm sure T11 wouldn't mind if you spent money on books on other sites.
    So calm down, relax, and search for some books you may be interested in and go buy them.
    Pull up a chair and start reading.;)
  9. And on a second thought, if you like books, you should be re-reading them from time to time.

    If you haven't studied every page of a book (obviously some things aren't your style) then you should go back and look through it again. I always try to re-read a book in between each purchase of a new book. (even though I cheated and bought 2 books last time I was at the Magic Shop).
  10. There are some great comments already.

    Why reinvent the wheel? Part of T11's goal is to make magic easy to learn and accessible to everyone. Books don't achieve that to the same extent.
    One can learn from books, and there may be benefits exclusively to that, and it may even come in the future, but it is (imo) not the best way to teach method/technique.
  11. Well Casey does bring up a good point.
    it expands everyones options
    and can bring in more revenue for t11
    and if somone believes they wont be able to learn from a certain book then dont buy that book. its just that simple

  12. Everyone already has those options, though, elsewhere. Unless the books were created by T11 artists FOR T11, it would bring nothing unique to T11, so why do it? All they'd do is make T11 more like any other online magic store out there.
  13. Pfft who needs books, for that matter who needs the past.
  14. I actually agree with this thread while I may be in the minority I don't know but I will give my opinion here.

    Firstly I disagree with the idea that T11 should write books to sell than dvds because dvds are easier for them but I do think theory 11 should sell the classics. In the theory11 introduction video someone said theory11 is a place where the people who want to get the stuff know where to go the real stuff. However they restrict themselves to selling their own tricks. Why i think what they sell is GREAT i don't think they should restrict themselves to it. I dont want to say they should start selling everything and anything but if they are trying to make magicians then they should sell the classics but that is enough for me. Just like modern coin magic and royal road to card magic etc. (Maybe Strong magic by Darwin Ortiz as well because that would be good)

    Just MY opinion.

  15. Whilst a lot of books that have been mentioned are true classics they don't really fit in with T11's objective.

    Atleast to me this site is trying to advance the art. Whilst I am a juge believer I that we have to know where we come from to know where we are going. But there are many places to get these books it makes no real sense for theory 11 to have to expanded their warehouse and things of that nature.

    As for books to be produced inhouse I am all for that and even more so of they are PDFs. It would be much easier and cheaper for t11 to produce. Although with there DVDs and DVD downloads are among the best in the business and that is one thing that gives them the brand awareness that will cement them with a fairly strong clientele. The one on ones are also helping the foundations. People complain about the double lift download and the more standard moves but what they fail to realise is that on the site these things are taught in detail that is very rarely done.
  16. guys there is nothing wrong with variety
  17. And there is a good variety of magic websites, all developing different material in different ways. Vanishingincmagic has dedicated some time and effort to put out some great books that Josh Jay and Andi Gladwin highly recommend.

    If theory 11 wants to put a book together then I'm sure they will. But books aren't something you dive into, they take a lot of time, effort and research. If they decide today to do a book it could be two years before it's in print (at least) with the quality they strive for in everything I'm sure it'd be awesome, but don't start expecting or hoping for it without word from J.B. Himself.

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