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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Johnlawl, Dec 20, 2007.

  1. Hi I have a built in cam on my laptop. I just got it. H/ow do I make a MAGIC(theres discussion of magic) record myself.
  2. is it a mac or PC?

    if you're using a PC, open up windows movie maker, go to 'file' and click 'capture video'
  3. if your using a mac, it will be in can go to prefs and set it to what you like....

    if your using a pc laptop....then you can set your prefs in whatever kinda of movie maker you have.....
  4. Your computer should have come with a program that runs the webcam. Check your start menu for something called "Camera assistance software".

  5. Omg! thank you!!!
    I found it. I would have never found it . Thanks to you guys I did!!
  6. But.. but...but...I can't find the thing about recording on web cam..only importing stuff.
  7. If you're running Windows., go to Start - All Programs - Windows Movie Maker. Open it, then go to File - Capture Video...
    Your webcam should appear on the 'Available devices' list. If there is more than 1 item in the 'Available devices' field, try them one by one until you find your webcam.

    Sorry, can't help with Macs.
  8. Do I have to have a disk in the computer? Cause I found PUBLISH MOVIE I don't know what that is but I think its the one you are typing about.
  9. Why would you need a Disk mate?

    Perhaps read the manual ;)...

    You want to CAPTURE first.

    Then make your video by editing etc.

    THEN you Publish it.
  10. I agree, read your computer manual. It should have info in there.

  11. Come on guys. Help me out I keep going to file on WMM but I don't see capture video. I see this:

    New Project

    Open Project...

    Save Project

    Save Project As...

    Publish Movie(but I can't click on it)

    Import From Digital Video Camera

    Import Media Items

    New Collection Folder

    Project Properties

    See I don't see "capture"

    I promise when I make my first edited video I'll put you name in the credits.
  12. You can't capture video from your camera that's built into your computer. What kind of computer do you have?

  13. What? I can't? I have a HP Pavillion Entertainment PC.
  14. No problem! Glad I could help.


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