Wedding routine help.

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Ned Devine, Mar 8, 2018.

  1. Hello again T11 family,

    Just as the title says I need help with a strolling wedding routine. One of my closest friends is getting married.
    He asked me to do some strolling magic for the reception and of course I said yes, my gift to him.

    Here is the problem my job is bartender/magician I have never done strolling magic before
    always have the bar in front of me for ditching and props as well as a general sense of security.

    The other thing is that my "show/style" is pretty NSFW and I think I need to figure out new patter for what I already do.

    Am I over thinking this too much? I very nervous since I don't want to let him down at all. I do have 4 months to prepare so I figured I would ask the T11 Brain trust for some advice.

    Could I get some help figuring out a strolling routine?

    My knowledge base: not alot of books or DVDs bought and I have learned most of my magic from high school/college magic clubs. I have been front to back in Royal road and expert card technique. I have gotten pretty good at sponge ball routines. I use ID, TT, and scotch and sofa almost daily for my show at the bar.

    Thank you for any advice, Ned.
  2. Anniversary Waltz is a no brainer.
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  3. ID, TT, and S&S don't require tables or anything so those are perfectly fine. Just re-write the script to be a bit more family friendly (Or check with the friend and see if he's wanting your usual style - never know).

    A toppit can replace almost any ditch space you may have used previously, as long as you're willing to wear a jacket.
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  4. For sure that is already in my routine!
  5. I have been looking into a Toppit and i'm considering buying one.

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