Wednesday Game Night: Translator Fails - Erdnase Edition

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  1. Reading through @010rusty's old posts has put me into quite a goofbally mood, so, with his kind permission, let me present to you a new edition of Wednesday Game Night.
    Today's aim: Take your favorite magic quotes through a few stages of Google Translate and post the end result.
    I'll go ahead and start with my favorite Erdnase quotes:

    "[...] Whatever the result may be, if it sells it will accomplish the primary motive of the author, as he needs the money."
    --> "[...] Whatever it is, if it's perfect, so be it, the effect of getting the job is the most important."

    "Excessive vanity proves the undoing of many experts. [...] He must be content to rank with
    the common herd."

    --> "The rebellion of the defeat of many experts begins with a great honor. [...] They must shoot at all levels of the group."

    Of course you can use any quote, doesn't have to be Erdnase. In fact, I'd be especially interested in hearing what deep advice magic theory books can give to us after going through Google translate! ;)

    Most importantly: Have fun everybody!

    Full credit goes to 010Rusty and the YouTube channel "Translator Fails".
    All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.
    No animals were harmed during the writing of this thread.
    Not by the author, anyway.
    If you can read this, you don't need new glasses.
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  2. Love your choice of book. I’m afraid I’ve gotta copy you and do the same. Even though, my favorite Erdnase quotes aren’t exactly wisdom and tips, just some knowledge about gambler’s that I find interesting.
    I love that channel. Even before reading this part, it kinda reminded me of that. I was gonna mention the resemblance and then saw the crediting.

    So here’s the first Erdnase quote that went through 6 layers of language:

    He loves the hazard rather than the stakes. As a matter of fact the 8 principal difference between the professional gambler and the occasional gambler, is that the former is actuated by his 40 love of the game and the latter by cupidity.

    And here’s the translation:

    I love risks, not risk. In fact, the eight main differences between a professional and an informal player are that the first forty is their love for the game and the second is played by sensitivity!:D:)

    The second is probably the best thing Daniel Madison has ever created after 5 layers of google translate (yeah, it’s a quote, not a technique or routine. Sorry you Madison fans out there;)):

    A practice that will never achieve what it was intended for is a worthless act. He who learns to cheat but does not has wasted his time.

    And here’s the translation:

    An act that never exceeds what is meant is worthless. Someone who learns to cheat but don't waste time. :D
  3. Oh the NOSTALGIA
  4. Funny you should mention him. I'm sure you're familiar with his opinion concerning his own skill compared to Erdnase: "I am better than Erdnase."
    Somehow I like the Google Translate version more: "There is nothing better looking than me."

    That and the fact that Wednesday Game Night can be on any day, except for wednesday, right? ;)
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  5. To be honest I think that neither Daniel Madison nor Erdnase were really cheaters and we’re just claiming to be. So it doesn’t really matter what you’re pretending to be and what you claim to be better at.
  6. Exactly :p

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