Weekly Community Creativity Contest: 17th - 25th March

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    Hey all and welcome to the third week of the Theory11 Creativity Contest! For those of you who don't know, basically each Tuesday, I'll post a topic/subject for you to base a patter around. you then have one week to submit a video performance of a card trick of your choice including your patter. Confused? Let me give you an example:

    Example topic: Mitosis

    GenericPersonBobby posts a video of him performing Dan and Dave's Twinsplit Remix, showing how you can divide a cell or something.


    It's really that simple!!! The idea of this contest is to get your creativity going and help you write and incorporate patter into your tricks; hopefully we'll get to see some great performances and patter in the process!

    As you may have noticed this week's topic is Science!
    So get your thinking caps on and devise a great routine for us!!! Deadline is 25th March which is next Tuesday. For a complete list of rules see below!

    • Patter must be your own! It's okay to share ideas but let's not clone each other folks.
    • No profanity! These are family forums and not everyone wants to hear an f-bomb dropped every 5 seconds. If you feel your humour can't contest without it, then you must clearly state in your post that the video contains profanity.
    • Always check your videos for flashing! You don't want to see a flash and neither do we.
    • Be creative! It doesn't matter if it sounds silly or you're making it up, if you're being creative and thinking then that's great!
    • Crediting - ALWAYS credit your tricks and patter if you borrow ideas from others! Credit given where credit due.
    • You can use whatever card trick you like, it MUST be cards! You may use gimmicks, gaffs and accessories of the sort. This is all about being creative.
    • You CANNOT under any circumstances use video editing! That's just crazy talk. (NOTE: This excludes things such as fade ins and outs)
    • All Submissions must be entered before 11pm EST Next Tuesday.
    • For those of who you want criteria (even though there's not really a strict set) Look no further... Just kidding, you'll need to if you want to see it.

    And of course!!!


    Good luck!
    - Sean

    Help spread the word by sticking this bit of code into your signature area and get people informed!!! (NOTE: You'll need to take the spaces out between the "[" and the "URL" bit at each end, and put the actual link to the thread for that week, I'll provide these each week so don't worry)

    "[ URL="http://forums.theory11.com/showthread.php?t=6273"] Are you taking part in the Weekly Community Creativity Contest??? Click Here To Find Out More![/URL ]" ​
  2. Maybe this time I won't procrastinate, and I might get one done!
  3. Hey. Sounds very interesting. I love all the contests T11 has. Srry if it was already stated but is there a prize? Thanx. =)
  4. Hey, thanks for taking an interest man. :)

    Unfortunately, no - I'm not really in a position to be giving out regular prizes for this so if and until I can that sadly won't be happening. :( Sorry folks.

    Don't let that put you off though! It's a fun competition and you'll hopefully gain something out of it too. :)

    - Sean
  5. what do you win?
  6. can we use text instead of talking?
  7. Another question. When you say no video editing. Does that mean what so ever. (like I can't put a fade on my video or adjust volume etc.) or does that just apply to making the trick more impossible (impossibly changing a card into another). Thanx.
  8. http://forums.theory11.com/showpost.php?p=78234&postcount=5 :)

    Ideally, talking would be best, as sometimes text can distract from what's happening. If you really don't want to talk or can't due to lack of microphone etc. then I don't really see why not. :)

    You're allowed to fade in etc. just nothing that's going to make the trick something more than it is (Criss Angel Style). I'll go make that clearer in the original post. :)

    - Sean
  9. Haha. Chris Angel Style. LOL. Ok. I think I got all my questions out. I'll see what I can do. =)
  10. You win a rolllercoater of emotions when you think you might win with your routine, only to fail in your mission and proceed to build your way back up to another worthy routine.
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    My video

    I was worried there were going to be too many entries!

    Here's my video

    may not be the best quality, may not be entertaining, and yes that is deeper than my normal voice, the mic kinda sucks, but its the best one I got.

    P.S. Can someone PM me on how to take a url (such as the one above) and change it into a word like "here". and when they click on the word it takes them to the site. thanks
  12. No-one else wanting to enter? Or have you all just been busy this week? :) Whatever the case I can always leave it open for another week if you like.

    I'll probably be putting up a video example soon for those of you perhaps struggling with the topic.

    - Sean
  13. So whats the plan, we judging tonight, or are we waiting till next week.
  14. I'll leave it until next week I think. It seems 1 week isn't really enough (which is what I initially worried about) so from now on, all contest will be 2 weeks long. :)

    Hopefully we can get some more people participating!! :D

    - Sean
  15. 2 weeks is a good idea. I hope more people enter because I don't want to win because no one else entered. However...:p

    anyway I hope all the people who have watched my vid enjoyed it
  16. Only one to enter? You dont think I would let that happen, it could totally throw off my 2 week losing streak.
  17. Has this thread officially died?
  18. Yup, funeral's tomorrow. ;) I was excited about it first, but the excitement has sort of worn off. I don't know why, it just doesn't seem as fun anymore. More power to you guys that still do it and enjoy it, though!

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