Weekly Community Creativity Contest: 3rd - 11th March

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    Hey all and welcome to the second week of the Theory11 Creativity Contest! For those of you who don't know, basically each Tuesday, I'll post a topic/subject for you to base a patter around. you then have one week to submit a video performance of a card trick of your choice including your patter. Confused? Let me give you an example:

    Example topic: Mitosis

    GenericPersonBobby posts a video of him performing Dan and Dave's Twinsplit Remix, showing how you can divide a cell or something.


    It's really that simple!!! The idea of this contest is to get your creativity going and help you write and incorporate patter into your tricks; hopefully we'll get to see some great performances and patter in the process!

    As you may have gathered this week's topic is Gambling!
    So get your thinking caps on and devise a great routine for us!!! Deadline is 11th March which is next Tuesday. For a complete list of rules see below!

    • Patter must be your own! It's okay to share ideas but let's not clone each other folks.
    • No profanity! These are family forums and not everyone wants to hear an f-bomb dropped every 5 seconds. If you feel your humour can't contest without it, then you must clearly state in your post that the video contains profanity.
    • Always check your videos for flashing! You don't want to see a flash and neither do we.
    • Be creative! It doesn't matter if it sounds silly or you're making it up, if you're being creative and thinking then that's great!
    • Crediting - ALWAYS credit your tricks and patter if you borrow ideas from others! Credit given where credit due.
    • You can use whatever card trick you like, it MUST be cards! You may use gimmicks, gaffs and accessories of the sort. This is all about being creative.
    • You CANNOT under any circumstances use video editing! That's just crazy talk.
    • All Submissions must be entered before 11pm EST Next Tuesday.
    • For those of who you want criteria (even though there's not really a strict set) Look no further... Just kidding, you'll need to if you want to see it.

    And of course!!!


    Good luck!
    - Sean

    Help spread the word by sticking this bit of code into your signature area and get people informed!!! (NOTE: You'll need to take the spaces out between the "[" and the "URL" bit at each end, and put the actual link to the thread for that week, I'll provide these each week so don't worry)

    "[ URL="http://forums.theory11.com/showthread.php?p=73795#post73795"] Are you taking part in the Weekly Community Creativity Contest??? Click Here To Find Out More![/URL ]" ​
  2. Awesomely nice pictures! I love the designs! I'm going to get started right now. Congrats to Jon, too!
  3. I've got mine and I've already got the patter for it. this one will be good.

    Good luck to all!
  4. Wow, I was working on a gambling type patter the other day. Ill use that.
  5. I just thought of an idea I could do for gambling week. Good luck to ya guys.

    -SirJ-O-N-IV :):):)
  6. Hey TKH, im MattH on the Gomagicgo forums.

    Sean, do you think you could come up with a rubric or something showing us how the tricks are graded and eventually chosen as a winner. It would help a lot. Thanks dude.
  7. Hm? What? >_> I don't see anything... :p;)

    - Sean
  8. Sure, I'll try and come up with something for tomorrow :)

    - Sean
  9. I see you changed it. Thanks!!
  10. Jon, john, whatever. You cant complain about names till you have at least 63 posts...:p
  11. Just wanna clarify here, can I do magic with other objects as well as cards if cards take up 90% of the routine.
  12. Wish I could be involved with this guys but since my house was robbed on Thanksgiving I don't own a camera any more but best of luck to you guys you have my support.

  13. I'm sorry that happened to you. Best luck of you too, to recover from that.
  14. What did you have in mind? It depends, ideally we don't want to stray too far from the card magic, but if your routine flows with other objects then I don't see why it would be much of a problem :)

    - Sean

    P.S. I'm working on a rubric for you.
  15. Ta-da! There's now criteria up in the original post.

    Please note that when these are being judged, there isn't really a strict set of criteria or marking system; I may do something like that in the later stages and include some runner-up/alternative titles for winners.

    For now, the idea is to have fun and be as creative as you like. :) But Entertainment Factor and Use of Patter are the two largest things you want to keep your eye on. ;) If you think you're blabbing on at times, cut it down a bit. If you think you're going too fast, slow it down and spread the patter out. REMEMBER: You are being judged by a lay-person, they want to be engaged in your routine! :D

    Thanks folks,
    - Sean
  16. I will PM you with my idea for use of another object.

    Can you tell us who this layperson is, so i can bribe them?
    Kidding of course, but knowing my audience would be very helpful.
  17. Appreciate that man.

  18. if only i had a camera
  19. We could see a video of you doing everything in XB? Buy a webcam for $20.

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