Weekly Mentalism/Hypnosis Videos

Dec 18, 2007
Northampton, MA - USA
Ok. . . are you a Mentalist or a B-Rate video producer?

I loathe magic video that doesn't show the magic with clarity and organization but especially those that are full of video silliness, loud music that is distracting.

Locating hidden people or objects is a classic of Mentalism. Sadly, I couldn't deal with all the filler the footage had prior to anything happening that made sense, so I cannot comment on how you did what. I do a lot of item location so I really was eager to see what you were up to.
Hey Craig, I had to keep the video short, (under 3 minutes), cause of the reality tv program I was on last year. The press was at "hide and seek" hence the newspaper clipping at the beginning of the clip. I had to cut down the video, hence the music and voice over. Well, I can't promise anything but I'll make an effort in taking my older videos (from last year) and showing the whole performance.
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