Weep Not For Road's Untraveled

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by WakingHollow, Sep 2, 2012.

  1. I'm one of those people where my mind will just wonder off and when it happened today i started to think about my magic road. When i first got started i was about 12 and i hadent ever heard of Theory11, Ellusionist, none of that, all i had to go by was some cocaine addict with a bad dye job that thought he could walk on water..., and after a little while i found self working tricks from mismag822 and i practiced my best and then i discovered Theory11 and i was thrilled it was the best thing ever, i remember the first thing i bought was the harbor change by Mike Hankin's. I practiced that move for the longest time untill i could use it correctly, and now as i sit here i have a ton of new idol's that i look up too, Dan & Dave, Daniel Madison, Zach Mueller, Andrei Jikh, Michael James, and a ton more and as i sit here i think of a linkin park lyric 'weep not for road's untraveled, weep not for path's left lone, beyond every bend there's a long blinding end, it's the worst kind of pain i know", and that my friend's is a little piece of my story.
  2. That story is so identical to mine. I first saw David Blaine perform on his Dive of Death special and I thought he was the coolest person ever! I stumbled upon youtube searching for how he did the bill trick (fraud) and I found MisMag822. After learning all these story tricks and self working effects I stumbled upon David Blaine performing the Ambitious Card on Youtube. I knew that these youtube tricks weren't helping my expansion in magic and I found Magic Geek, the first ever magic site I went on. After months of being part of that community I found Theory11 and the coolest effect that I ever seen, Dresscode. Now I have many other magicians that I look up too like Dan and Dave, Zach Mueller, David Blaine and so many others. I find it interesting how far I've grown from learning tricks on youtube to expanding and trying to use magic as entertainment.

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