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Welcome to the first FieldsTheory Blogpost!

Sep 1, 2007
::: If you don't perform, you're not a magician. Thoughts on magic

Hey guys!

So I recently started a blog, about my opinions/thoughts/theories on magic

I started it off by starting broad, and going to hone into more specific areas later.

In this video I go over what I believe magic is (sort of) and touch on other ideas about the topic including addressing the "magic is created in the spectators mind" topic (to which I concur, but go a little deeper into it)

Anyway, I'd love for y'all to check it out, give me feedback, post on mah blog and tell me what you think about my stupid ideas.

Any questions comments concerns can be emailed, pm'd, sent by owl or any other message transportation you can imagine.


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Sep 1, 2007
You're welcome bro, but thank you for taking the time to watch it too.

I realize it's a little long winded but I think it's worth the watch, if not just watch but listen too, there isn't much visually that goes on. But I think there is definitely something everyone can take away from it. People don't have to agree with the whole thing

I think I might actually push back the next video and revisit a few things, make almost another pass at the important points on the first video, and then talk about some new ideas Shane Black and I were walking about on TinyChat.

So more to come soon!

Thanks again for watching.

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