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    Hey everyone!

    Welcome to the BRAND NEW theory11 forums! Yes, everything looks different, but don’t be alarmed. All of your old posts are still here. While all of the old content is still the same, this is MUCH more than just a fresh coat of paint. We upgraded the forums to make them easier to use and to allow us to do some really cool things which you will see in the weeks to come.

    To begin, there have been a few changes in the forum categories. We used to have one section for “Product Questions” and a separate section for “Product Reviews”. These sections have been combined into Product Questions and Reviews. If you want to give advice on a product, or you are looking for advice on a product, this section of the forums is now the same. Also, our popular “Card Magic” section and the less busy “Coin Magic” section have been combined into a single Magic Forum. Also, a new private forum has been added for our Elite Members. Thy will hear more about that later.

    One last thing. Notice the brand new Like button below this post? Go ahead, give it a shot. The Like button is a new way for you to tell someone that they have created something really cool or have been helpful to you. I can’t get into more details about our plans for this yet, but likes are a good thing. Create awesome content and be super helpful. It will pay off. Don’t forget to like everyone else’s posts when you see something cool or helpful too!

    The forum rules are the same as always. Check them out HERE.

    The forum changes were a LOT of work, and were far more complicated than they may appear. You may run into the occasional bug. When it happens, feel free to send me a PM with as much information as you can (you can even send along a screenshot) so we can fix it. Alternatively, drop us a message in Support.

    Once again, welcome to the forums! We will see you inside.

    // L
  2. Woo Hoo! Shiny new forums!
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  3. Welcome to the new forums you guys! Super excited about the new stuff we are able to do with the new look. Hope you guys are diggin' it.

  4. I like it. The mobile site looks like it's being worked in. But the layout is good!
  5. I actually saw this on my mobile device but switched over to computer. I noticed as of a couple minutes ago that the keyboard doesn't pop up on mobile devices (or it could have been my internet). Bug? (I would take a screenshot but it wouldn't be helpful, how could I show the lack of a keyboard...)
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    Hey guys,

    Mobile doesn't appear to be loading correctly but we are working on it at this very moment!
    Stay tuned and thanks for any feedback in advance!
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  7. I'm using an IPhone 6 and the keyboard pops up. All I'm noticing is that everything is all bunched up on the left. And you have to scroll all the way over to Europe to check your account, messages, and alerts.

    I do have one question about the trophies. Are they just for fun, or can they lead into Elite points? Do we get to see if others have trophies?
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  8. Keyboard does indeed appear to pop up for us. The alignment issue is the current issue being worked on. Fixes coming soon. Thanks for the help!

    // L
  9. I was wondering what exactly are these new trophy point things?
    Also the forum activity steam broke (on the homepage), if you haven't noticed already.
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  10. Nothing, yet. It is currently an unused feature that we may take advantage of at some point. We will see!

    // L
  11. Something else I noticed. I have a bookmark to the forums on my Iphone 6 via Safari. And all the icon shows is 'Xenforo'. Which I am guessing is the forum program/layout.
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  12. Really digging the new layout!
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  13. Thanks for the heads up! Will fix that momentarily when the rest of the mobile fixes go up.
  14. All right. The whole page layout looks much better.

    The zoom in capability for IPhone 6 doesn't seem to work for the forums now.

    And the keyboard doesn't pop up if I'm doing a quick reply--only if I quote a previous post
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  15. I like the new assortment of default avatars, it's sure to make threads look livelier!
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  16. Wow the new forum looks really cool!
  17. It freaked me out for a moment, but now I am like whew!

    It looks great, good job you all!
  18. Well done - the new layout is a lot nicer and easier to use.

    However I used to have this link bookmarked:

    To check the latest posts, but obviously it doesn't work anymore. I was wondering if there is a similar equivalent?

    EDIT: Also just noticed after posting that links do not have a different colour or an underline to distinguish them from regular text. This would be handy.
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  19. Good job on the forum ! I really like the new style, but you must definitely work on the mobile version, because now it looks like desktop version. Or even better, make an app for the forum !
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  20. Here you go:

    Also, on the main forum page, you can now click the Forum Icon to the left of each category if you'd like to mark the entire category as read.
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